Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What’s the Power of $HODL?

Now we realised the power of $HODL and it is community. If you believe that it’s a stable and trustworthy token, you won’t be swayed/persuaded by everything else that goes on like a whirlpool outside your own house, right?

As the metaverse, blockchain gaming, and NFTs rise as the emergent industries spanning from decentralization, Axie Infinity takes root as one of the most adopted blockchains for governance, gameplay, and Nonfungible tokens. In this Axie Infinity price prediction, we look at how the token is shaping the industry and the direction of the price in 2022.

The Blockchain has evolved rapidly over the years and is now finding a solid footing across various facets of software development. From the development of smart contracts to DApps, DeFi software, DAOs, NFTs, and now Metaverse, the technology has continued to disrupt several industries while also gaining more use cases.

One of the growing trends in the crypto space is blockchain gaming, and Axie Infinity is worthy of mention. Let’s learn more about the Axie Infinity project, Axie Infinity price, its features, gameplay, governance token, and price analysis.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 1Axie Infinity price Source: EconomicTimes

There’s anger from certain quarters on Axi Company frantically producing SLP tokens so that its value can not be recovered even by recovering the market. The contention is that: Axi is dropping worthless tokens on people. Manipulating the game is an insult to humanity. What has become of this?

Today’s Axie Infinity price is $15.33 with a 24-hour trading volume of $164,561,846. Axie Infinity is down 11.59% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #49, with a live market cap of $972,536,636. It has a circulating supply of 63,456,103 AXS coins and a max. supply of 270,000,000 AXS coins.

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What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a widely known blockchain-based game built on top of the Ethereum network. The game was created by Trung Nguyen – current CEO of Sky Mavis, a gaming studio based in Vietnam. The idea behind the creation of Axie Infinity is to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in an educational and fun way while also offering economic opportunities. It has executed this successfully by becoming a prominent cryptocurrency ramp to the blockchain technology space.

Its development was inspired by the viral success of the Pokemon and Tamagotchi video game series. Furthermore, it features versatile, enjoyable, and open-ended gameplay that rewards players with various virtual token-related creatures, otherwise called Axies. These creatures can be traded, raised, or battled in real-time throughout the accrescent Axie Infinity ecosystem. Axies are NFTs (represented by ERC 721 tokens) with differing strengths and attributes, and they can be used to earn experience points in 3v3 battles.

Axies are available in four (4) rarity scales: common, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. They can evolve or level up stats with experience points gained in battles.

Also, Axies can be bred together to create unique and new offerings traded or used in the Axie ecosystem. Axie Infinity utilizes a play-to-earn model that allows players to receive crypto rewards for playing games on the network.

Axie Infinity Price Overview

Axie Infinity Overview

Coin Symbol Price Marketcap Change Last 24h Supply Volume (24h)
AXS $ 15.36 $ 1.23 B 10.92% 80.08 M $ 159.86 M

Axie Infinity governance token

The native crypto of the Axie Infinity universe is AXS (Axie Infinity Shard) – an ERC-20 token – and it is used for governance, staking, and payment.


Players in the Axie universe can stake their tokens to earn newly generated AXS. In addition, stakers are required to play and vote to earn rewards.


AXS crypto is utilized as the official currency of the Axie ecosystem or NFT Marketplace. Furthermore, it may be used as an eligibility criterion or tender for participation in auctions and sales carried out by the Axie team.

Governance and Axie Infinity shards

The ecosystem’s treasury launched in early 2021, and it began receiving revenues generated within the network and particular portions of rewards from staking. Since the design of Axie Infinity supports the transition to entirely decentralized governance, some of the developmental decisions on the network are taken by AXS stakers. As soon as the network becomes sufficiently decentralized by October 2023, Axie Infinity is expected to transition to a fully community-owned decentralized organization.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 2

Axie Infinity price prediction Source: Axie Whitepaper

AXS was developed to align the rewards/incentives between developers and game players in an exciting way. The mechanism in the diagram above describes the goal to attain simultaneous incentivization of a token holder(s) or players for interacting with the Axie universe. Also, it depicts the decentralization of the network’s governance and ownership.

The other token on the network is the SLP or Small Love Portions, an in-game token utilized in the nurturing of Axies.

How Axie Infinity ecosystem works

The core of Axie Infinity’s gameplay is focused on breeding (nurturing) and battling Axies on the Axie Infinity shards – the token-based creatures integral to the ecosystem’s experience. Typically, Axies are differentiable by two features, class and body parts. These features can help determine their rarity level and also distinguish them from one another. In addition, each Axie is characterized by four (4) stats, namely Speed, Morale, Health, and Skill, which are all integral to the gameplay mechanics. These stats decide the damage tolerance of each Axie, its attack potency, etc.

Axies are available in three (3) secret categories, Mech, Dawn, or Dusk; and six (6) regular classes, Reptile, Aquatic, Plant, Beast, Bug, or Bird. Each class is characterized by its weaknesses and strengths, which indicate how they match up against other classes. By the rules of the Axie Universe, Aquatics have a strength advantage over the Mech, Beast, and Bug classes but are weak compared to Dusk, Reptile, and Plant Axies. Additionally, Axies have six (6) body parts: eyes, tail, back, mouth, ears, and horns. Except for the ears and eyes, other parts have distinct abilities that influence their battle capacities.

Axie Infinity can be played in two modes: Adventure mode or Arena mode. Players can earn SLP or AXS in either game mode. The game also offers the opportunity to battle built-in non-player combatants known as Chimera to earn rare treasures and additional tokens to upgrade your characters. Like in the real world, gamers can create new and unique offspring creatures with unique capabilities and features. Breeding or nurturing can take place up to seven (7) times, and each time it occurs, more AXS and SLP are required. Usually, Axie offspring will undergo development for five (5) days and become battle-ready afterward. They can also be sold on the Marketplace or continue breeding.

The Axie ecosystem does not only allow players to trade and collect creatures; it also affords them tokenized virtual lands, known as Lunacias, that will serve as a habitat for their Axies. In the future, third-party developers can leverage the Lunacia SDK to create exclusive games.

The Axie Marketplace

The Axie Infinity marketplace is the best place to access Axies put up for sale or recent sales history. Players can engage the filter feature to optimize the search query when looking for Axies that suit their desired price, stats, body parts, class, etc. Axies can be bought via a Ronin Wallet by first funding it with ETH.

Now that we have provided you with detailed information about Axie Infinity, will AXS be profitable in 2022 and beyond? Let’s get into its past price analysis, current market status, and price forecasts.

Past Axie Infinity Price Prediction

According to data obtained from Coinmarketcap, AXS began trading at a market price of $0.1798 and soon hit its all-time low at $0.1234 by November 6, 2020. By January 27, 2021, the coin attained the $1 mark for the first time, and by February 13, 2021, it had already experienced a price gain of over 90% and traded at a maximum market price of $2.07. By July 6, 2021, AXS reached a maximum price of $11.81, and it continued on a bullish trend until it attained its current all-time high of $165.37 on November 6, 2021.

The 90-day low of AXS is $48.25, and its highest price within this period is $165.37. The chart shows that the price momentum has been bullish over the past 90 days, with uptrends since the start of October 2021.

Based on the last 30 days, Axie Infinity has had a bearish run. Its lowest price within this period is $49 and has retested that level thrice within that duration.  Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 3

Axie Infinity price prediction market capitalization Source: Coinmarketcap

Over the past 7 days, AXS’s least price is $49, and its highest price is $65, as shown on the chart below. The chart shows that AXS has been on a bearish run in the past few days.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 4

Source: Coinmarketcap

However, if bought at the earliest known market price, per Coinmarketcap, the ROI on AXS is over 134,000%. The past price analysis of AXS is typical of a coin with long-term potential.

Past Axie Infinity Price Prediction 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 5

In the last 30 days, Axie Infinity has been bearish. It dropped to its lowest price at $16 for the first time.

Axie Infinity Technical Analysis 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 6

AXS broke below $45, $35, and $20 support to resume its bearish run. Previously, it looked like $20 was robust support due to its high volumes around that level, indicating interest from buyers. Again, its momentum is mixed as MACD Line is above MACD Signal Line (Bullish) but RSI < 45 (Bearish). AXS histogram bars are declining, which shows that momentum is weakening. Currently, the AXS support zone is $15, and its nearest resistance zone is $45. The moving averages are bearish and indicate that prices could continue declining soon.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction By Authority Sites 2022-2030

Wallet Investor 

Wallet Investor predicts that Axie Infinity to be an excellent investment. They expect the coin to hit $67.056 in 2022. The cryptocurrency is expected to be $247.451 in five years. Wallet Investor’s prognosis remains positive regarding its current price, and investors should expect a 1437% increase in five years.

Trading Beasts 

AXS coin is predicted to decrease by the end of 2022. Its price may be $14.68 on average and $18.35 on maximum. Again, AXS will increase by 87.46% in 2023, according to Trading Beasts’ prognosis. The coin should have a maximum price of $43.69 with a minimum price of $29.29. AXS’ average price is expected to be $34.45. By 2024, AXS is expected to have a minimum price of $37.54, a maximum price of $55.22, and an average price of $44.17. In addition, AXS will increase by 176.49% by 2025. By that time, the coin is predicted to have a maximum price of $63.52 with a minimum price of $43.19.’s bullish price prediction for AXS is $25.92. They expect the coin will have a maximum price of $29.25 and an average price of $26.71. By 2027, expects AXS to have a minimum price of $188.10, a maximum price of $214.01, and an average price of $194.41. By 2030, AXS is predicted to have a maximum price of $672.89 and a minimum price of  $541.04. Its average price by that time is projected to be $556.99.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction By Cryptopolitan

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022-2030: What's the Power of $HODL? 7
Year Minimum Price  Average Price  Maximum Price
2022 $19.79 $21.51 $22.63
2023 $21.52 $24.03 $26.59
2024 $19.88 $24.39 $29.20
2025 $28.12 $30.90 $35.09
2026 $26.37 $28.80 $31.88
2027 $31.32 $39.81 $46.33
2028 $47.48 $50.45 $54.16
2029 $63.76 $65.71 $69.36
2030 $71.80 $73.70 $76.00

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2022

The price of AXS is expected to reach a minimum of $19.79 in 2022. With an average forecast price of $21.51, the AXS price may reach a maximum value of $22.63.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2023

Our AXS price prediction for 2023 is bullish. We expect Axie Infinity to have a minimum price of $21.52. Its average price in 2023 is predicted to be $24.03. Again, AXS is forecasted to reach a maximum price of $26.59.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2024

AXS is expected to achieve a minimum price of $19.88 and trade around $29.20 in 2024. Throughout 2024, AXS can reach an average price of $24.39. 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2025 

In 2025, the price of 1 AXS is predicted to reach a minimum of $28.12. Throughout 2025, the AXS price might reach a high of $35.09, with an average price of $30.90. 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2026

AXS will experience tremendous growth in 2026 as it has the potential to achieve new highs in terms of price points and market cap. Axie Infinity’s price is expected to surpass $31.88 in 2026. It has been predicted that Axie Infinity will reach the maximum price of $31.88, and the minimum price is expected to be around $26.37 in the next five years from 2026. 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2027 

Axie Infinity is expected to cross a price level of $39.81 in 2027. Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is expected to reach a minimum price of $31.32 this year. The maximum price may reach $46.33.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2028 

By the beginning of 2028, we predict that the cost of Axie Infinity will reach $50.45, and the price of AXS should reach $50.45 by the end of the year. In addition, AXS can reach up to $47.48 in price. 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, Axie Infinity is expected to cross the $65.71 average price level. By the end of 2029, Axie Infinity’s minimum price is expected to be $63.76. Additionally, AXS can reach a maximum price level of $69.36. At the end of 2029, Axie Infinity will have an average price of $69.36. 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2030

Axie Infinity is estimated to reach $71.80 by 2030, at minimum. With an average trading price of $73.70 throughout 2030, Axie Infinity’s value could come to $76.00 at its highest. Again we expect the maximum price to be trading around $73.70. 

Axie Price Prediction by Industry Experts

Popular crypto influencer Altcoin Radar believes that AXS can reach $250 or higher in the long term. However, he doesn’t see the coin taking over top cryptocurrencies like Solana, Avalanche, etc.

Crypto King Axie Infinity forecast

By 2023, AXS is expected to carry on with its positive price momentum for 2022. The maximum forecasted price for January is $229.924, and the minimum price for the month is $156.348. Also, the mean Axie Infinity price for the month is $183.939.


At present, however, the prospect for Axie Infinity looks promising. Again, its fundamentals prove that its community plays a significant role in its ecosystem. This goes along with the core development team behind it. Overall, Axie Infinity is a good investment option. You need to know that before you plan on putting your money in any cryptocurrency, always bear in mind that price predictions are based on algorithms that trace past performance to predict its future. Hence, make sure you do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Hence, investors must carry out some more research and invest when the time is right.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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