Axie Infinity’s Discord bot affected in a recent hack attack

Axie Infinity, a major play-to-earn blockchain game, posted a Tweet to alert gamers to a fresh hacking attempt involving its discord bot Mee6. The firm also stated that hackers used their discord bot to send out false mint notifications. Additionally, the team notified users to be suspicious of such messages whenever they open their discord accounts.

The Axie Infinity team revealed on Twitter on May 18 that its discord bot Mee6 has been hacked, resulting in the bot releasing false mint statements. The team went on to discuss the entire incident, pointing out that the hackers utilized the bot to give access to a false Jiho account, which was then used to send out bogus mint notifications.

 It is worth noting that the notifications have been removed from the system. Users were asked to exercise caution if they come across such questionable comments. Additionally, the team assured users that they were doing everything possible to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Mee6 is a discord bot that automates communications and allows discord servers to send messages to other community member accounts on demand. The bot is frequently used to deliver periodic messages or reminders and set tasks based on the preferences of users. The hackers reportedly tried to install bogus Jiho account credentials by manipulating the Mee6 bot permissions.

Axie team on the hacking attempt

The Axie firm went on to say that the Mee6 hacking effort was not exceptional, as numerous crypto projects have been targeted in the past.

Additionally, the team went ahead to thank its users for putting their faith in the company.

Furthermore, the firm assured users that they take account security very seriously, and they always use the most cutting-edge security solutions available.

The Mee6 team provided more comments, stating that they had not observed any suspicious behavior involving their bot. The team later took to Twitter to reject the hacking charges, stating that they had not been the target of any recent hacker attempts.

It is worth noting that Axie Infinity has been the target of multiple hacking efforts in the past, the most recent of which was the Axie-Ronin compromise, which cost the Axie Team about $600 million.

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