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Cardano postpones Vasil hard fork upgrade


Different blockchain companies work on upgrades to their blockchain system regularly. It helps keep the system updated as well as fix bugs. Cardano had also been supposed to upgrade as its managing company Input Output Global, a Hong Kong-based group, had announced. It was one of the core updates to the system, as the developers had stated.

The mentioned update to this blockchain system was expected to enhance it radically. It has proven disappointing for the investors who had long waited for it. As the developers continue to fix bugs and solve other issues, it will take some time. Once these problems are solved, the update will be rolled out.

Here is a brief overview of Cardano’s update Vasil, why it has been postponed, and how long it will take for implementation.

System upgrades in Cardano

The developers of Cardano have continued to do their best to ensure that any new changes don’t affect the system. One of these updates is the Vasil hard fork update, named after Bulgarian mathematician Vasil Dabov. The mentioned update is regarded as one of the most complex and elaborate developments of this program. If this update is rolled out and implemented successfully, it will start a new era for the network named the Basho era.

According to the official schedule, Vasil hard fork upgrade to Cardano was expected to be rolled out on 29 June. Later, Nigel Hemsley, head of delivery and products in Input-Output Global, said that the update had been postponed. In a blog post, he said that update had been postponed due to some bugs, and they shouldn’t rush to implement it.

According to Hemsley, their main priority is the security of the system and the investments in it. So, they would work on making it satisfactory before it is rolled out. The main aim of the developers of Cardano is the correct implementation and quality of the updates. If any of the quality features are affected, they won’t go for implementation of updates.

Mainnet upgrade and further testing

U-Today had disclosed the news regarding the update of Cardano even before the official announcement. Though some experts referred to these as rumors, the official announcement through the Input-Output Global blog confirmed it. The main reason for the delay in the upgrade deployment is the problems related to bugs.

According to official updates, seven outstanding bugs are in the expected Cardano update. These are categorized as non-severe but would need to be addressed. Though the news has come as a disappointment, many analysts consider it better for the system. The delay will help the developers to look into the system in detail and fix the possible problems.

Though the Cardano upgrade has been postponed to late July, the developers have said it can’t be absolute. The developers have completed 95% Plutus V2 test scripts, but it still needs to continue the remaining tests. The mainnet hard fork will be implemented with the consultation of SPO and DApp community members. The investors were of the view that the Vasil hard fork update would take ADA to $1. However, its value fluctuated after the announcement of the delay.   


The developers of Cardano, i.e., Input-Output Global, have announced that the most anticipated upgrade Vasil hard fork, has been postponed. According to the available updates, it has been postponed to late July. The reason for the delay is some outstanding bugs and the remaining tests. Once these are completed, the developers will roll out the upgrade. It is considered one of the biggest upgrades to Cardano’s system.  


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