Hackers compromise Beeple’s Twitter to post Louis Vuitton phishing link

The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of scams in recent times. In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has seen an increase in scams. The latest scam to hit the space is that of Beeple’s Twitter account being hacked to post a fraudulent link. These have been in the form of phishing attacks, Ponzi schemes, and fake ICOs.The bad actors in the market seem to be targetting high-profile individuals and companies in an attempt to gain access to people’s funds.

Beeple account compromised

The news headlined as Mike Winkelmann announced through a tweet, that his Twitter account had been hacked. The tweet said:

“My Twitter account was just hacked and used to post a scam link. I am working with Twitter to get this resolved. Please do not click on the link!”However, Beeple went ahead to announce that they have retrieved the account and they are in control of the account.