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Uniswap price analysis: Bears maintain a downtrend as price slipstreams to $5.52


The Uniswap price analysis is bearish as a decline in the price level has been observed today; the price levels have moved down to meet the $5.52 range. As bulls were active previously and an uptrend was following for the past two days, the crypto pair gained significant value during this time, but today bears have taken the lead again.

The bears are inclined towards taking the price further below the current price value to keep maintaining their bearish slide that has been continuing for the past few hours. The bears have played swiftly as they have dodged past the bullish momentum that had interrupted their streak.

UNI/USD 1-day price chart: Bears made a comeback

The 1-day price chart for Uniswap price analysis is going in favor of the bears once again, as they have regained their momentum after a short period. The price value has been pulled down, as today it has reached the value of $5.52 after getting rejected at $6.22. As the coin rallied quite high yesterday, selling pressure was expected as the price has now reached a resistance zone.

Uniswap price analysis: Bears maintain a downtrend as price slipstreams to $5.52
Source: TradingView

Meanwhile, the moving average (MA) value in the 1-day chart is found trading at the $53.10 level, below the price level. Moreover, the SMA 20 curve is far below the SMA 50 curve, which can be taken as a bearish sign as well. As the short-term trending line is still going downwards, However, the bullish trend of the past two days has provided good support to the coin price function, as it has at least helped take the price to the highest level of the last five days.

The Bollinger bands indicator shows high volatility for DOT/USD as the indicator is covering more area on the charts, and its upper band is showing a value of $7.99 while its lower band is showing a value of $5.28. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) index has also followed a massive jump, as it has reached above the overbought mark and is fixed at 53.10.

Uniswap price analysis: Latest developments and further technical indications

The 4-hour Uniswap price analysis indicates that the bearish momentum has resulted in a momentary decline in the price value. The price dropped to $5.52 during the first four hours of today’s trading session, but support has appeared again for DOT as the price is again increasing at the moment as the last candlestick on the 4-hour chart is green.

The bearish momentum might come back and intensify in the upcoming hours if the market sentiment turns negative again. Also, the Bollinger bands values in the 4-hour price chart are as follows; the upper Bollinger band is at $6.21, whereas the lower Bollinger band is at $5.03, indicating increasing volatility for the cryptocurrency.

Uniswap price analysis: Bears maintain a downtrend as price slipstreams to $5.52
Source: TradingView

The moving average (MA) is trading below the price level at $5.77 after crossing above SMA50 yesterday. The RSI score is also increasing as well because of the ongoing buying trend and has reached an index of 42.22; however, a steep decline in RSI was observed for eight hours continuously.

Uniswap price analysis conclusion

Uniswap price analysis suggests the price levels have lowered to $5.52, as more sellers have entered the market as compared to the buyers. If the bulls are able to find a chance of improving the price values, then there is a possibility that the price will continue its journey to cross the $6.22 resistance.

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