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Welcome back to another episode of the “On Purpose” podcast. I am your host, Tyrone V. Ross, Jr., CEO and co-founder of on ramp invest. Hope everybody out there is doing well. Fresh off of white hot CPI numbers. Inflation is the talk these days going into the holidays, supply constraints, so many different things going on out there. Crypto is moving along. We’re off the highs. I don’t know, last I checked, I think bitcoin was at like $48,000 or something like that. But this gives you an opportunity to kind of sit back and look at things, right, going into the holidays. Folks are winding down the year. It has been an incredible year for crypto overall but also crypto assets as it pertains to the wealth management space, a lot of news, a lot of funding, a lot of projects, a lot of announcements, big things happen. Which leads me to this, a conversation that I had with Adam Blumberg years ago, shouted out Adam last episode, we’ll shout him out again here, very instrumental to our space. And he and I had a conversation about it. We’ve been riffing on crypto man, I think going back to 2018, I believe, as far as it means for advisers, right, and in the things that are missing for advisers. And this goes back to 2018, I believe. And he wrote a piece as a result of that conversation, or conversations, if you will, on the RIA of the future.

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