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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TRON Daily Price Analysis – 15 December Roundup


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Global market cap takes a sigh of relief, adding 3.58% in the last 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin has gained 2.10% in the last 24 hours, adding to its bulk.
  • Ethereum, intent on being back to its original position, gains 5.29%,
  • Solana and Tron, also on the positive side of trajectory, add 10.94% and 0.80%, respectively.

The time for recovery is no more a dream, and the market has begun to improve. There are various contributors to which this change can be attributed. The leading one of these is that the federal govt. of the US, that gave a green signal regarding the inflation stimulus. The interest rate hikes will put an effective end to easy money, but currently, it is helping the crypto market revitalize.

The hike is also seen after the market recovered after the Chinese ban and Elon Musk’s announcement regarding Dogecoin. Though the recession impacts are still lingering in the market, the recent surges in coins’ value will help fight the changes. The blockchain system is becoming acceptable for various international organizations, and there is news of some new deals. The recent one is Voyager Digital with the National Women’s Soccer League. It will help with the widespread use of blockchain systems in mainstream areas.

Kraken has plans for an NFT market which will be a significant move in developing the crypto market. It will help with the easy access and sale of NFTs, making it convenient for users. As these plans succeed, there will be a rise seen in the crypto market’s value. Investors see these developments as the start of a new era that will continue.

BTC tracing its lost momentum

The biggest change in the market is the improvement seen in bitcoin. It had lagged in development and saw significant setbacks. As discussed earlier, these were the Chinese ban of bitcoin mining and crypto exchanges closure, inflation, and the new Omicron variant. The losses amounted to more than $10K, a blow to a skyrocketing currency.

Since bitcoin has begun to recover, it hopes that it will be back on track to its previous gains. The last two days have been especially hopeful when it turned the bearish trend to bullish. Investors are expecting further improvement in the market, which will soar higher if favorable conditions.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TRON Daily Price Analysis – 15 December Roundup
Source: TradingView

The current improvement in the market situation has led to a hike in the value of bitcoin. It saw a rise of 2.01% in the last 24 hours, while its seven-day performance shows 1.83% depreciation. Its current market cap is estimated to be $924,672,144,496, while its price is in the $48,952.20 range.

Bitcoin’s trading volume has also shown improvement since the Chinese ban. During the last 24 hours, its trading volume was estimated to be $36,517,955,814.  

ETH on a journey back to future

Ethereum, like bitcoin, is also on the positive side of trajectory and has remained bullish during the last 24 hours. It was also amongst the top affected during the last few days. It suffered a loss amounting to $1K, which means it shed a significant amount.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TRON Daily Price Analysis – 15 December Roundup
Source: TradingView

The previous two days have been good for its recovery. The last 24 hours added 5.2% to its value, while it lost 8.17% in the past seven days. Its current price is estimated to be $4,032.01, which had fallen previously to the $3K range. Its current market cap has also been improved after a surge in its value which currently equals $478,874,003,768.   

There have been new integrations to the Ethereum blockchain in the form of new companies joining the blockchain, vital to this new change.

SOL skyrockets to meet success

Solana has added 10.94% in the previous 24 hours, a significant addition in times of recession. Its recovery has been faster compared to other coins, which is an evident sign of its recovery. The previous losses it suffered amounted to 7.14% in the last seven days.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TRON Daily Price Analysis – 15 December Roundup
Source: TradingView

Its current price is in the $177.39 range, while its market cap is estimated to be $54,442,954,803. Its trading volume has also seen improvement after its resurgence, which is estimated to be $3,773,290,509 during the last 24 hours.

Its skyrocketing is a prediction in its total market cap and the ranking in the global crypto market. If it continues to progress, it will significantly improve in the areas mentioned earlier.

TRON recovers from the effects of hard times

The recent blows from the recessive market were not different for currencies regardless of their size. They not only made currencies shed their value but significantly reduced their market cap. Tron was one of the badly affected coins, which is still on its way to improving. It suffered a loss of 4.42% in the past seven days, while its recovery during the last 24 hours was 0.80%.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TRON Daily Price Analysis – 15 December Roundup
Source: TradingView

Though it still needs time to be back on track, it has begun the recovery process. At the time of writing, its current price is in the $0.0873 range, while its market cap is estimated to be $8,893,419,146. The trading volume for this coin was also affected by the recession, which currently amounted to $1,605,949,387.

Final Thoughts

The improvement in part of different currencies results from changes taking place on a global level. Since the recent recession, every significant change has affected or improved the crypto market. Be it the Chinese ban, US inflation, or other issues; the crypto market has been sensitive to them. Its recovery results from growing acceptance for it and the implementation of blockchain ecosystems.

The more it grows, the more it will give a tough time to the traditional banking and finance system. Though it might take time, the future belongs to blockchain systems and crypto. The recent rise and fall are part of the journey to make it rise and shine. 

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.


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