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Full LHR Unlocker
Looks like these hackers we have now been seeing could have gotten some actual dust on Nvidia and potential have the total LHR unlock out there and they’re urging Nvidia to launch it themselves.

Article: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-hackers-threaten-to-release-lhr-performance-limiter



  1. I got confirmation from a while back from an EVGA employee that their 3090's aren't limited. I specifically asked about the FTW model which his response was they are all LHR except the 3090's. Did they not know what they were talking about and providing incorrect information? Possibly, its not the first time EVGA has screwed me around big time. But I figured I'd drop that info.

  2. I don't think it is good. LHR unlock? They have the ability to sign nvidia drivers! Better lock down updates. Also, tinfoil hat, gpu prices dropping. Nvidia justifying dropping lhr for sales. LOL 🍿

  3. Rabid, If the hack becomes available, Get an old desktop with a brand new hard drive, standalone mining not connected to any personal information and try it. If it works then we are good to go. Get together with the Youtube community and have someone try it. Max the brain voltage could probably help with this. Sure hope it is true. I'm sure it would get a million views lol On a bad note, expect the ETH hash rate to increase by 25% if it works.

  4. Oh well hope everything workouts for Nvidia. Corporate espionage is well paid. Specially with new GPU companies entering the game It can be a bone crusher for Team Green. Karma for the LHR screw to miners. Can't say that I feel for Nvidia. They should release the LHRs not because they got hacked but because is the right thing to do.

  5. If the hackers do release a real 100% unlock from the info they received, it would be illegal to use it. It would be considered receiving stolen property, so I would not use it any way as not to risk my crypto. However if NVIDIA does then its game on for obtaining cards for me.

  6. FYI, we been working on this for a while, still gonna be some things the end user will need to be advised of and or have to do to complete this. It is not just software and drivers.

  7. Man I hope this is for real. Just seems a bit fishy especially since it´s not been many days since the last attempt to scam us miners. I guess the potential gain from infecting thousands of miners with malicious software is a great motivation to them (may they burn in hell) However that is why I really appreciate people like you Rabid and the rest of the mining community.

  8. Где на видео полка с железками и грязными нестриженными ногтями автора? Нудеж и новости из пальца

  9. It is another scam 🙁 just like previous polaris bios it can not be modified without multiple things needing to be changed and created.. bios then driver update for each card. I doubt any of this is true.


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