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2 Weeks With The Jasminer Bathroom Mining


Jasminer X4-1U
Hey everybody heres a 2 week replace on the Jasminer X4-1U which I’ve had hanging out within the rest room mining away.

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  1. I switched over to ETC and Ergo, so In hoping they pump in the future. RPM has his kitchen miners, you've got a bathroom ASIC. What's going on up there in Canada?

  2. I wouldn't touch any ASIC on ETH/ETC Algo for now. Cos ETH is ending and there is big risk on ETC changing to new Algo in their proposal. Needless to say it is bear market. I will stick with GPU purchase.

  3. What is there to think, they gave you a build in detonator. Literally not a 6gb, not an 8gb version, but a 5gb version for the sole purpose of it killing itself should they wanna sell you some more fpgas in the coming years. Would would be the price of 6GB version, 15$-20$ more, but would last like 4 years more? Yep got them nicely.

  4. I ran out of circuits so I put a Dell office pc in my spare bathroom with (2) 3090's….. Not exactly efficient but it works. The pre built Dell office PC is running HiveOS on a SSD and I cut the top panel with a Dremel tool to expose the PCI slots. I used two full size PCI extenders and I built a little wooden stand for the 3090's. I also use a 1,000 watt PSU that is shorted to power the 3090's. 244 MH but @ 620 watts…. yuk

  5. you know your ROI calculation is very flawed when you're calculating it using current profitability using ETH numbers when this miner cannot mine eth after 1 more month because of the DAG limit

  6. Why get pigeon holed on an crappy ASICs like the Jasminer that list for 4-6 thousand right now when I can get better gpu's for the same money that I can point where I please. Most people cannot afford that much at once so what good is the Jasminer and such expensive asics to the vast majority of people and therefore decentralization? So many mining channels keep pumping this crap for no good rea$on…


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