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3060/3070/3080 Stop Using PhoenixMiner These 2 Miners Finally Fixed The DAG Issue.


3060/3070/3080 PhoenixMiner DAG Issue
Hello everybody welcome and at the moment we take a look at 2 miners thaqt lastly mounted the DAG loading Issue that the 3060 3070 and 3080 have been having.

CryptoMykel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsIP8ILJ1NV6Kh3J4GaReyQ

Rabid Mining Discord: https://discord.gg/wXkMhztBDx

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  1. its phoenix miner issue for the 3060ti i had 33 hw errors 130 accepted at 61.80mhs 123w, 6.0c version i drop to previouse had less hw error but still was there some times it had 0 hw errors but when i seitched to Trex i had 0hw errors my seeting was core -220 mem +1300 pl 62.

    however my rtx 3060 driver 370. no hw errors. my amd 6800 6600 on phoenix miner never had any hw errors or reject

  2. Getting incorrect share on GPU6 (RX480 Sapphire Nitro 8gb modded BIOS),first 5 cards are ok,only last one is causing me problems..

    I guess it's Phoenixminer problem..Any other miner that you would suggest for Rx 4xx/5xx rig?

  3. Thanks you so much. Its very helpful.
    Currently i need to use msi overclock after 60 seconds start phoenix. No eth share fail.
    I try use team rex but it cannot run. I still dont know why.

  4. Hi, im mining with 3x RTX3070 one gigabyte, one zotac and one msi and i've got issue with msi. I was using phoenixminer and i've got some regected shares on msi. I changed phoenix to t-rex and twick some oc settings (mem: GB 2600, Z 2600, M 1600) now everything is stable but msi sometime have bad shares. My temp are 65 for each. What can i do for stable work?

  5. Hi, Thank you for your useful videos:).I am new in mining and building a 7 GPU rig. I was having problems with 3 GPUs not showing in Device manager in win 10 and of course not working. I sent them to a technician and he said that most probably they have a power problem caused by bad risers. Does that make sense?

  6. Hi, this video saved me so much time! Thank you for the important information! I switched to T-Rex 🙂 Quality Content ->Sub! 🙂 I saw in the video that you used Coreclock -400. In many places it is recommended to use -500 or -502 (Win/Afterburner). I am insecure and would be happy to hear what advantages and disadvantages the difference with the Coreclock has for mining. Greez from Germany – Thank you so much! 💯

  7. Hi. Im using phoenixminer. I usually start the miner, let the DAG load and then overclock the cards. It runs smooth without any incorrect shares for 2 days or so and then I start getting incorrect shares. This is problem is still bcs of the miner and not cards fault?

  8. Dude, that's some super cool temps and probably that's how it is holding up that hash. I'm having 2xZotacs 1xasus TUF, the zotacs give rejects and run hot. Will switch the Miner and check. Wish I could move to Canadians alps just to mine 😉


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