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3080 Ethereum Mining To Much Power For My Liking?


3080 Ethereum Mining
Well I acquired my first 3080 and am pumped for it however similtaneously nicely because it does are 3080s value it for mining? Am a bit dissatisfied in it however nonetheless an excellent card.

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  1. I have the same card running in absolute core mode with Fan 80%, Core 1060, MEM 1500, PL 225. I chose low memory speed as I don't want to burn up the GDDR6X memory/pads. Getting 94.78 MH – I know I can get higher MH, but would rather run the card at 225W. Temp is steady at 47 C for 3 months now. I check daily for increased temps. I wish HiveOS reported memory junction temperature.

  2. I have this exact model of 3080 in my desktop. I was uncomfortable at just how hot the GDDR6X chips got, even in a well ventilated case with a trio of Arctic P12 intake fans blowing across it. Mem junction temps hitting 100C.

    Took apart my card and replaced the memory thermal pads with Gelid GP Ultimate 2.0mm pads and mem temps are pretty much always under 90C.

  3. Radeon VII is still the ultimate king :p
    101MH/s around ~260W total rig consumption :p
    Congratulations anyway for scoring a RTX3080, it's barely impossible for me to get one, my only chance is EVGA notification queue but still waiting almost 6 months later lol
    Have a great weekend my brother and keep on mining <3

  4. Takes between a week and a month for the pads to degrade thats when the temps will start to go up.Three diff 3080s had to change the pads on all of them.

  5. Use the 3080 for your productivity and mine with it in when its not being used for creative endeavors. That way you're investing in yourself long term. I think thats a better investment than just solely using it for mining. Let that 3060ti mine 24/7 at a cheaper rate!

  6. if i had the choice i would have been on 3060ti too
    and just had one of these in my main pc for gaming
    back when polaris modding started everyone wanted 480s 8GB cuz with samsung u got higher hash rate
    while i was mad dash buying msi gaming x 470 4gb cards that used about ~15% less power

  7. Hi there,
    Did you check mh/W for RX6800 an RX6800XT? From some online calculations I looked
    those seem to be the most efficient gpus…if you can get them for decent price
    It had to be online calculations since I can't get my hands on any of the new gpus for months now 🀯


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