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Welcome everybody right here we’ve one other CPU Mining Rig Build this one is with a 3950x Ryzen CPU. Again solely buy these CPUs if yow will discover them at discounted costs as you possibly can usually discover them for 30%-40% cheaper then MSRP. I do not beneficial spending MSRP worth on a CPU for mining.



  1. Hi hope you well
    much profit does each CPU rig make as from today 8/012022 im base in the uk were the cost of a electric is almost double the price of the USA

  2. Hi This error occurred while running, can you help me see how to fix it “Please consider runnig as ‘root’ to enable MSR and Large Pages” think you

  3. Hi , 🖐️ from Singapore. Great video and content. I'm interested in CPU mining and since GPU mining ROI will be around a year. Hope you will show us spread sheet profit comparison in the future between various CPUs and GPUs. Threadrippers and Epycs included.

  4. Hey rabid. What settings in bios do you use for this 3950x? I watched your bios setting video and was gonna follow it to the T, but realized its a different cpu…the 3900 i believe? Will the exact same settings work?

  5. Couple of questions.
    1. Why the MSI MB over something cheaper like the ASRock PRO4 for $60?
    2. What is the gain of CAS 14 memory over CAS 16 and can I get away with 8GB?
    3. Is there a performance gain or better power performance from a 3950X over say a Threadripper 1950X which also has 16 cores?

  6. Want to get rid of the LA? click on the thermometer at the top of of your worker's page. Now you're in the monitor threshold window. Change the load average per core to 2

  7. bro u are killing it!! lol. combining all of your avg cpu speed together, what is the number? great vid as usual. also, have u tried running ram at 1.175v(2400 14-14-14) just to see? i'm thinking about doing it over night on my main rig.

  8. A mostly complete guide to over-use of the emphatic DO. I DO think it gets quite old when you DO use the emphatic DO too much. Otherwise, thanks for the vid!

    0:03 As you guys DID see in our last video

    1:11 you DO know my go-to motherboard

    1:29 Now I DO prefer for CPU mining

    1:47 Make sure you DO line up the little tab arrow thing

    1:57 Those DO have to line up

    2:02 Once you feel it DO drop in

    2:12 Next up, we DO have our RAM here

    2:48 that is why I DO use it.

    2:50 I DO recommend CL-14 RAM

    3:02 I DO highly recommend

    3:28 because I DO use this motherboard

    3:32 I know where my RAM DOES go

    3:36 I highly recommend that you DO do it..

    3:37 DDR4 RAM DOES have..

    3:47 you DO have to make sure

    4:07 that is how DDR4 DOES line up

    4:16 knockoff DOES do a switch-a-roo on you

    4:22 so that you DO know that you are locked in

    4:50 Next step DOES bring us to our thermal paste

    5:01 not the stock stuff that DOES come with the

    5:38 That's why I DO like to apply

    6:12 and you DO have an H

    6:44 now a lot of people DO tend

    7:12 Now the first couple I DID install

    6:16 DO make sure you don't have

    8:26 I DID buy it because it's cheap

    9:47 But first, we DO got to get this ready

    10:06 check them out if you DO need

    10:10 HiveOS DID recently update

    11:28 if you DO need beta

    16:09 we DO got to set an

    16:14 I DID do recently

    16:33 I DID have to tell it

    17:08 we DO have 8 dedicated rigs

    17:30 I DO try to stream

  9. When hiveos changed how you add rigs and I was adding my second ever rig I got quite confused and thought I'm doing something wrong because obviously it's all different.
    They should add some message saying "please note we changed how you add your rigs"
    Regarding chia farming yes that would be nice, but I don't see anything HDD farming related, also I don't know if I would want to risk losing the plots lol.
    They probably considered chia but then lost interest because chia is dead.

  10. Built my first 3 this past weekend and was having the same problems with hiveos.

    The only thing that worked was using the same etcher process. Hive would only read a USB drive (which worked as well but I find ssd is better).

    After removing the ssd and putting it right back in, I just deleted the config example and downloaded the rig.cofig right on the ssd card. The miner booted up right away.

    Thanks for making this process so much easier Rabid.

    3 miners up and more to come on the RTM pool. 🤙


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