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4GB GPUs Can Still Profitably MINE ETHEREUM In 2022!!!!


In this video I assumed I might throw a 4gb GPU onto Ethereum simply to see if it might nonetheless do it. nicely nicely nicely appears to be like like it will possibly and it makes extra then Mining Ravencoin!!!!

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  1. Hey brother. I am tryin to get into this. Still struggling to choose cpu or gpu mining. Can you mine ETH on cpu ? And can you give me any advice. Thank you

  2. Currently I am selling all my low tier cards. People our paying outrageous prices for cards that are going to be almost worthless in the near future. That said I had no idea that a 4gb card was even profitable!

  3. Why don’t most people talk about etherum classic mining on 4gb cards? I have 2 rigs totaling 14 cards, and after power consumption I’ve been more profitable on etc than rvn for a couple months now…

  4. I finally have a micro rig (two 380s) up and mining ETC. I also have a laptop with a 1650 that is mining ETH on unminable. Watching Rabid mine ETH on his 4Gbs, kinda makes me want to test it on mine for the fun of it.


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