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AAAwave 12 GPU Mining Frame Build 3060ti, 5700xt, 5600xt


AAAwave 12 GPU Mining Frame
In this video we have a look at placing some playing cards inside the brand new 12 gpu mining body from aaawave.

Mining rig body ($20 Off) — Code: AAARM20 https://bit.ly/3sJz0XJ

Pcie riser (10% Off) — Code: AAARM10 https://bit.ly/39wiTVL

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  1. I love to add more fans to a rig (front and exhaust) for a better airflow.
    Last rig I got (veddha) I switch all fans for Be Quiet 120mm and 140mm pwn high speed: I hear NOTHING. Things are really good.

    As you pointed out we can't see the MEMORY temperature in HiveOS on Nvidia and that sucks major donkey balls.

    One advice, because I like to keep things clean (borderline autist/maniac), put a DUST FILTER on your fan so it doesn't blow dust or any other crap into your GPU: you will not have to clean them that often and they will stay cooler.

    One PSU that I love to use is the XPG CORE REACTOR 850w gold and they never failed me: it's dirty cheap right now where I am (promo at $100).

    Did you look at the price of your B250 motherboard recently? $729 on Amazon, Aliexpress $625, Mercadolibre $872.
    Point is that all crypto mining equipment are going to boom as more people realize that they can make big $$$ passively so buy them while you can and if you find good deals (even on mining rig) accumulate to sell them later 😉

    EDIT: I will try to add more fan under the rig to either pull or push (science!) and see if it helps with the temps.


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