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Amazon Prime Day Is Here!!! Crypto Mining Hardware EVERY Miner Should Have


Amazon Prime Day
In this video to assist have fun Amazon Prime Day I put collectively a listing of elements that each miner ought to have and a few that you must a have a number of elements of.

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  1. I'd expect any non-lab grade watt meter to have 1~2% error. The absolute error is not that important so long as is consistent. After all we are looking for the lowest power draw. I'd be interested to see a comparison between the space goats power meter and a Fluke Power analyzer.

  2. for the sata… I hear this from every single youtuber and the solution is simple. If you can't afford atx power supplies with a billion cables and you can't mine with server ones because of the noise, if you mine on windows and monitor your cards through hwinfo64, you can mine with sata power on riser. I've mined flux and cfx on a 3080, 3070TI etc very power hungry cards using sata and made sure they don't go over 40-45w on pcie power draw.

  3. RM my metered PDUs are 24 and 36 inch, the 36 inch metered PDU comes with 6 c13 and 4 or 2 c19, no need to buy the big long PDU,
    Since I run mainly Big ASIC I only have 2 or 3 BTC miners per PDUs, also my most expensive PDU only cost $146 .. was $120 a few years ago but price keeps going up a bit.


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