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AMD 6600 NON XT Performance Hashrates ROI


AMD 6600 Performance
In this video I am going over some efficiency numbers which were coming throughout the web since its launch due to movies from @Dizzy Mining in addition to @ChumpChangeXD as the data got here from each of there movies examine them out for there full video.

Dizzy Mining video:…


  1. I've snached the infamous XFX SWFT(not swift) for £470(630 maple dollars) so not too bad.
    Though don't have the card in my hands yet and I can't see from feature description or pictures if it has dual bios switch, no too big of a deal really, in the worst case I will just need to buy some direct bios programmer…

  2. I picked up the 6600 xt's while those were plentiful and I have been pleased with them. I figured the advantage of getting the XT's sooner than the non xt's would be favourable in the end. They crept up quick in price after release, though. I got a couple at the lower price and a couple at the higher price. All in not bad. The density was already kinda not great, the non xt's increase that issue.

  3. Ordered one of these(Powercolor Fighter), for MRSP while beeing bit bussy, just to test it. should have it tomorrow. prices were just stupid an hour after the release. The cheapest i find now is +200$…

  4. I oddly enough haven't had any issues using both Ryzen Master and Radeon software. But if I have Afterburner installed (not even running) I get system instability, crashing, and performance problems. Windows is an odd duck.

  5. These GPU companies are ripping us all off, this card is barely better than the RX5600XT but still the RX6600 is 60~100 USD more expensive. RIP mid-range GPU market, we will be missed <3
    Enjoy the rest of your week my brother <3

  6. Seen somebody here on the tube running 29.5mhs with 54w reported in miner. Definitely really good eff if not taking into account hash density and the fact that they come in quite overpriced and w the same availability issues we’ve got used to 😅


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