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Antminer L3+ Unboxing and Set Up


Antminer L3+ Set Up
Well I obtained the Antminer L3+ operating lastly so that is the entire video with unboxing ASICs generally is a enjoyable little toy.

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  1. Idk man I've done everything my miners work for 12-18 hrs and than they get disconnected from prohash. It picks up this other url-user-pass and my earnings stop. So I keep resetting every single day and it's such time consuming. And I'm losing tons of hours of non mining. Any Help?!

  2. Followed along with my first L3+ today. Worked like a charm and made a few cents during test phase. Going to follow along on the hiveos and fan swap soon. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. when I put in the ip adress on the web search, a tab poped up asking for username and passsword. Do I have a used miner? or how can I get the username and password for the ip

  4. I recently purchased a L3+. When I plugged it in I was glad when the first IP I tried brought up the sign in popup. I used root/root. WTF. It didn't work.
    What other user/password combos are there.. I've used root/admin and Blank combos but nothing seems to work. Will the reset button help with this issue.

  5. Thanks for the vid Rabid. Brand new to your channel. Imma watch this a few times to get this right on my L3+ 580. Meanwhile, can we do the same with Prohashing with an Innosilicon A6 (1.23G)? If so, could you do a quick vid on setting it up please>

  6. hey there, really appreciate this. Not sure where you live, but I live in the Edmonton, AB area… and I'm looking at buying an L3+ soon perhaps (for $1700)… so weighing if it's worth doing it or not. I'm on the fence… what about the predicted bear market in near future? What about increased mining difficulty as soon as the L7s come online? Will this unit essentially become obsolete soon? Or would I have enough time to ROI? So many questions!


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