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Are You Turning Your Rigs Off? Not Time YET Or Is It? | AMA


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  1. 13 cent here but we get more sun than anywhere else in the states. we get 330 something days last year that was sunny days. So I'm making a move to solar. I got one 3600wh bat now and one solar pannel and a wind turbine. we get alot of wind off the mountains too, so yeah soon i wont pay electric at all. I will to get it started but after its goin im good for years to come.

  2. To begin with, I am probably going to look to move my rigs to profit switching until everything settles in and a coin takes eths place. It probably wouldn’t be the most profitable long term, but it should be consistent. Which since I mine as passive income (to some extent) is more valuable than a gamble on a long term pump.

  3. @Rabidmining but what about CMP cards? 1st are they not better than even a2000s in performance and 2nd do you think they will come onto the market cheap in time or after Eth goes to pos?

  4. You keep preaching not a single GPU software power measurement is correct but that is wrong. You are simply not measuring correct. Most Nividia 2000/3000(NonLHR) series software power readings are actually spot on. Your PSU is not 100% accurate, especially at very low or high loads.
    Check some of Panda/RedFox/ChumpChange video's where they test exact GPU power using the right tool. Also most readings (maybe all, not sure) match GPU-Z readings so you don't even really need it.
    My 6×3070 rigs do about 780 to 810 off the wall. If I take software reading, add about 15/25 watts system, 20/30 watts for fans, times 90/95% PSU efffiency that adds up perfectly.

  5. Of course the wall is going to pull more than software… Have you not heard of efficiency losses due to the AC to DC conversion the PSU is doing? Software cannot account for which crappy PSU you're using.

  6. I am only buying A2000 12GB and 1660 Super At the moment, New EVGA 1660 Supers can't be bios modded so only getting 29 MH at 72W. The A2000 12 GB is getting 42 MH at 75W. Going to probably pull my less efficient cards like 1080's when profits drop negative. Still love my old 1660 cards 25MH at 60W

  7. Realistically ROI is insane but why turn it off ? No reason, mining different coins and hold until pays off, even if I have to hold it for a few years. The investment is made and let’s be honest very difficult to sell second hand hardware, I see lots for sale but no one is buying.

  8. After eth 2.0 pos all gpu from eth miners will spread to all other gpu mineable coins which will increase difficulty massively that will make it unprofitable to mine to any gpu mineable coins. Definitely gpu mining doomsday and cpu mining will takeover.

  9. Our electricity has more or less tripled in the UK since last year. First we were ripped off on GPU's and now on electricity costs and fuel. The government are pure evil.


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