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BEST LHR UNLOCKER SO FAR!!! | LOLMINER 1.47 3060 Hashrates


Best LHR Unlocker

Here I examined The New LOLMINER 1.47 LHR Unlocker To See how It Does On My 3060 V2 utilizing each 170.103.01 and 510.60.02 Drivers as they’re the two really helpful drivers to make use of. It appears to be respectable however what received me extra excited is a few settings that managed to drop the facility draw down.

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  1. I have tried multiple overclock setting but I think I fine the best one for rtx 3060 after may 2021 graphics card
    Hashrate GPU _temp Fan Power Core Memory

    39.47 MH 65° 90% 120 W 100 2240

    I am running 5x 3060 –> Avg Hashrate – 197.14 , power – 600W

  2. Anyone else with more than one rig on LOL 1.47 notice the every hour or two across the board drop in hashrate/recalibration on all rigs at the same time?

  3. I say? Meh. I mean it's better sure. But it actually still sucks. For the inflated prices people paid for LHR cards anything other than full unlock is meh. Sure LHR was more palatable when ETH was much higher. I'd say nothing more than a bad business investment. And didn't the fees goes up as well? Thanks for the update as they take more. Great incentive for the marginal increase on their end. I see a turd regardless of the polish.

  4. I switched from trex to this version of lolminer and found that I did indeed achieve not only slightly higher hashrates, but it also seemed more stable. However, the LHR fluctuation that I experience up and down with Trex would happen on all cards at the same time and they would go up and down between 45 mhs and 47.5 mhs. With lolminer, I now notice that only one card will fluctuate up and down at a time and the remaining 4 cards remain with a stable hashrate. That being said, the swing down with lolminer is more drastic, dropping as low as 25 mhs, but only for less than a minute, then it swings back up to 46 – 47, depending on the card it is doing it on. When the one card swings down, the remaining cards stay stable at a hashrate between 45-47.5, again depending on the card. I think overall I achieve more stable and slightly higher hashrate using lolminer. The swings up and down, regardless of driver, are due to the LHR locking or something, I think. Staying with Lolminer for now, until trex does something better. The cards are 3060ti MSI Ventus 2x using Hynix memory and drawing between 138 and 140 watts.

  5. Tested on my EVGA 3060ti XC lhr and đź‘Ťdecent performance jump all around. previously was using t-rex as my daily driver on this card with a hashrate of 46-47mhs but now with this version lolMiner getting 50.32mhs popping off shares just as well if not better than t-rex was. I am on Ethermine though, which has a lower share difficulty than 2miners, but I was running on this card a pool hashrate of about 140mhs at one point, although I know alot of that being just luck…

  6. Not sure if you mentioned it, but it would be helpful if you mention which kind of Memory your card has (Samsung/Micron/Hynix). In my experience Cards with Hynix struggle a lot with high OC and power consumption is like +10-30W higher than those with Samsung.
    Great Vid and thanks for sharing your OC settings 🙂

  7. I'm running all windows machines. Unfortunately there is no release for it yet. Definitely going to give it a try on my 3080 and 3060ti when it's out. Those are the only 2 lhr cards I have. Unless you count 3060 v1 but I'm not going to mess with those. They have been pushing out 49 mh for a year now and not missing a beat. Thanks for the test results. Hope you do a windows test when it's released.


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