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BUCKLE UP!! The Price Of Bitcoin Will Be Wild


In this video I deliver my Bitcoin Price Prediction on after we will see the underside and what that value will appear like. Buckle up it may not be one thing you wish to hear. Don’t fear thought the long run is gonna be greater then ever!!

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  1. Your predictions are on par with mine price-wise, just that I believe the bottom will come early this time due to all external stuff going on right now, and it will stay sideways until the end of the year or Q1 of the next one. Nice video as usual.

  2. Just go back to 2018 Reddit Posts and read all the people shouting "Mining is Dead" boy did everyone else get a big LOL when they sold all their GPU's and stopped mining, people can't see more than 2 feet in front of them. People need to think LONG TERM; short term thinking is a general sickness in society in general.

  3. i think you pretty much summed it up i think bitcoin will go slightly lower to 5k next year as the recession in america will be in full swing its already started all the job lay offs there will be mass unemployment in america next year so they will be spending that drive the price right down , the best thing would be trump gets in until then america will burn democrats cant add up they never could.

  4. Following that logic, and doing the math to predict the highs leads to a potential high of over $100K occurring around the middle to the end of 2024. Not holding my breath for that, but any upward trend would be nice at this point.

  5. One thing Bitcoin hasn't experienced is a worldwide recession like 2008-09. All its cycles where during thr last 12 year bull run. Throw a recession/depression into the mix and things could be different this time. Bitcoin has already done something different by going below the previous high of about $20,000. $5000 Bitcoin is definitely a possibility again and a lot of coins disappearing for good.

  6. History does have a pattern; saw the something somewhat using charts. Looking at the resistance (a lot of ask orders at 20-21k) and the best average for BTC, I see it behaving like this, but nothing is set in stone

  7. I think the crazy bull-run we experimented last year was mostly due to the pandemic special conditions. So if we want to see BTC even more higher, we will probably need the help of another major crisis. And to be honest, i really don't want to live another 2020~2021 area, it was really annoying period lol

  8. Watch out for the FED meeting, the moment they start dropping interest rate or start quantitative easing is the moment the market will rally. With the US government having massive deficit spending like right now, I think the money printer will have to be turned on soon.


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