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Can This $20 Cooler Tame A 5950x CPU Mining? | Thermaltake UX100


Thermaltake UX100 5950x
In this video I check out the Thermaltake UX100 and see if this little low cost cooler can tame the beastly 5950x for CPU Mining.

UX100 Cooler: https://geni.us/oVmpZnq (PAID LINK)

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  1. u only tested 5min? my 5950x on RTM gets up to ~70-71C max on the heavier ghostrider algos and thats with a 3 fan lian li AIO. (I have the OC pretty cranked tho) I dont think the UX100 is gunna cut it bro. looks cool tho maybe ill get 1 for my work PC with 4300G lol

  2. I had that exact same cooler on a motherboard for a GPU rig. it worked great for about 6 months…until the fan broke down and it shorted out the motherboard. After that, I always stick with the Wraith. Great video though, thanks


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