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CPU Mining Raptoreum
In This video I Go Threw XMRIG vs CPUMINER-GR As Well As Testing The Top 6 Pools To See What Is The Best Mining Software To Use On Raptoreum As Well As What Is The Most Profitable Pool To Mine On.

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  1. Soon he will test so much that all of us would know what to mine or pools to go to and we will be the richest people in the world then we will rule the mining community and make everyone subscribe to him and all the other crypto Youtubers

  2. I would love to watch this, but your constant shaky hand held camera and wandering movement gives me motion sickness. Why oh why is shaky cam so popular to make videos? Please consider having a video stand and not being so excited and/or nervous in making your videos. About 3 minutes was all I could stand before I wanted to barf from the movement. Look at how the stationary camera guys do it, like Hardware Unboxed and Gamers Nexus. Thanks.

  3. So.. XMrig that can start mining instantly, is actually faster than CPUMiner that spends 3 – 4 hours trying to "optimize"?

    Yeah you're totally not getting ripped off for those 4 hours. You're not getting juiced at all 😂

  4. Hi!
    It says on 011Data pool that the payout is 100 RTM but i receive a payout every 22 RTM.
    How can i change the payouts to at least 100?

  5. Yoo Rabbid.. love your vids..
    I'm sitting here looking at my gaming PC pulled apart wondering if I should turn it into a CPU miner..
    I have a ryzen 7 2700x and the x470 gaming pro will it even be profitable ?

  6. Awsome review! Please, some help! How to configure XMRig to use 30 cores – I`m using Ryzen 5950x and I don`t want to use all 32 core`s… Some solution? Or how to configure?

  7. Hi there

    I have 6 3090 card rig with motherboard B250A-BTC Colorful Technology CPU

    4 × Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz.when i made this new rig it was working fine but somehow sometimes 2 cards use to vanish while mining i have provided RM1000 ATX PSU Corsair make for 2 of each cards

    but still i dont know why they go missing.. have tried changing the psu riser connecting cabels actually what happens after 5 10 minutes of mining the cards lights blink an they vanish though

    i am understanding that this could be the possible psu problem but have tried everything an even have tried making a new pen drive for hive os also but still aint able to get the things going

    kindly help with the same and one more thing the hive os doesnt gives any error it all of sudden the card vanishes an it also forgets it ….. WIll be thankful if someone out there facing the same

    issue could help me out …. Thanks

  8. Moneroocean : Raptorneum (RTM) with Ghostrider algo test mining is enabled on all pool nodes. Only MO xmrig or vanilla xmrig miners are supported. MO xmrig-proxy and MO xmr-node-proxy proxies should work with xmrig RTM mining as well.

  9. From my brief experience trying to run XMRig on my two Intel systems, an i5-11400F and an i5-9400, in the time the miner was running, it had about a third of the hash rate of CPUMINER-GR. But what really made me drop XMRig in a hurry on my Intel rigs was the fact that it was making my rigs unstable. Both rigs ended up rebooting twice in a 4-5 hour span. Both of those rigs are also GPU mining rigs, so having both rigs going down often is unacceptable, and I switched back to CPUMINER-GR.

    Those two rigs have never rebooted while mining Raptoreum with CPUMINER-GR, and after dropping XMRig, they haven't rebooted again since. Temperatures weren't an issue at any point I was paying attention, always in the 50 degree range, so I doubt either system overheated. And one system has an AIO water cooler, and the other has a solid tower cooler that can handle a 130W TDP (for a 65W chip). So as near as I could tell, the issue seemed to come from XMRig, and not from heat, and it's not an inherent stability issue with the rig itself.

    XMRig is working great on my Ryzen 5 3600s though. My two 3600s were getting an average of about 1500h/s over a 24hr span on both rigs, at 3.8GHz. With XMRig, I'm getting 1700-1750h/s on each chip. I still need to do some further testing, but as of right now, one 3600 is running at 4GHz @ 1.05V, and one system is running at 3.8GHz @ 1V. Both rigs usually still get the same hash rate over a 24hr period. I'm gonna screw around with changing the clock speeds and the voltages on the two chips, and use whatever is the most efficient. But at this point in time, despite the different clock speeds, they're getting the same hash rate.

  10. Might switch my 6 x e5-2630L's over to 011data to see what I get. Thanks for the video, I can confirm suprnova is far superior to flockpool for 55 watt xeons anyway. Overall looking like crypto is hurting bad, but we are fresh into the Bitcoin Enoch cycle so who knows when it'll take off again.


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