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Coinbase Users Cant Withdraw Crypto!!!


Coinbase Users Cant Withdraw To Bank Accounts
Look like Coinbase is having some points with customers with the ability to withdraw there crypto into there financial institution accounts.

Article: https://rabidmining.com/coinbase-users-cant-withdraw-to-bank-accounts/

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  1. Ok so you can't convert your money to usd and get it directly to your bank account its not possible there fixing that issue but you can withdraw using other options like PayPal

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  3. RM While the information the guy post may be true, KYC exchanges has a completely different centralized rules they have to follow within each country, Coinbase as always limit you from withdrawing funds that is not fully cleared, so if you buy Crypto on Coinbase with outside funds, it takes upto 10 Business days to fully clear, but Coinbase will give you access to that funds immediately to buy and trade but not to transfer until the funds are cleared..

    Just yesterday I transferred 2.4 BTC from Coinbase to my Zelcore wallet only took 38min to complete no issues, I don’t normally sell my coins for USD however many times over the years when I transfer funds from my bank to Coinbase I have to wait 2+ weeks before the funds are fully cleared before you can transfer whatever coins you purchased out of Coinbase to your wallet or even if you sell it back to USD and want to transfer it back to your bank.

  4. If everyone withdrew their cryptos off centralized exchanges they would all collapse, so it doesn't really help since if you don't have an on and off ramp then you can't function smoothly in crypto for now.
    $CRO & CDC are #1. Who has a goal to have One Million CRO coins staking in the defi wallet earning over 12+% rewards 24/7? Let's Goooo!

  5. I pulled everything from them when crash went into full swing, they all grew too big, too fast and no company can survive mass panic selling and withdrawal of funds. It is ironic that call to just do that will only make it worse. It will just snowball till they will have no option but to go bankrupt.

  6. My first year on crypto. After the signs, I withdraw all my cash 2 weeks a go. No buying crypto before September. And a will buy mostly DCA on R H ecosystem (Pulse). Not your keys, you know the rest.


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