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CPU Mining | How To BOOST Your Raptoreum Hashrate


CPU Mining Raptoreum
In this video I present you how one can Boost your Raptoreum hashrate by easy utilizing a unique Miner.

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  1. HI dude! Thx for the info.. Im on Windows and get only 3500hs average. Put 1.1v and 3500,3800 and 4000mhz and its the same. I have the 5950x, any idea how to improve that? Thx!!!!

  2. Hello i run on windows the 3950x with 4 Vega 64 for ETH but the PC crash but if i do only Raptoreum or ETH it dont crash, do u have a ideas? I try with 28 thread but the same

  3. Interesting. Currently on win10. Have you tested how mining scales with ramspeed and cpu frequency? I see some recommend running stock, some recommend undervolt, some recommend fast ram. I've only run my 5600X for a few days, but tested a few things. I got little drop in hashrate going from 75W to 45W limit (allcore -30 CO went from 4.6 to 3.75), I got a minor hit going from 4009cl16 tuned ram to 3800cl15 tuned ram, but since hashrate fluctuates so much I probably need many days to find a good avg baseline.

  4. Does Hiveos report CPU temps correctly? Just messing around with an i7 4790K and it says its at 99 degrees, but to the touch (heatsink/air) it doesn't feel that hot. Just curious.. Thanks you!

  5. Hello there. your videos are very nice. I installed my first rig with ryzen 9 3900x in hiveos and made the bios settings. but the hashrate is constantly fluctuating, is it the same for you? Or is there something I did wrong. It usually works in the 1700 1800's. Sometimes it goes up to 4000.
    asus tuf x570
    2x 8g 2666mhz ram
    600w 80+ psu

  6. Finally getting RTM going. Spend 1.5 days fighting to get Ryzen Master to actually install. Upgrading RM version broke some registry keys and caused other corruption that prevented install.

    Now that everything is set up I find this vid – explains every very clearly. Darn YT search is useless, even when searching on your channel page. Vids that apparently didn't exist suddenly show up in recommended or when I browse to them directly.

  7. Great vid. What are your temps on those cpu threads? HiveOS is showing My 3900x is showing 75 degreess+, but actual temps are around 40 degress (I'm running a Kraken x53). Any idea how I can optimize this?

  8. How's the onboard video on those AMD setups? On my intel boards the intel 630 graphics can do about 40kh/s on verthash miner. If you got around 250kh, you get 1vtc a day. May increase your profitability a little.

  9. Looks like ya got the channel back! Not sure if im late to notice but congrats either way! much love brother! Because of your vids ive switched my 5950x, r5 3600 and 1600 all to monero ocean. Have not played around with Raptoreum yet


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