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CPU MINING Raptoreum Miner UPDATE | Configuration


CPU MINING Raptoreum
In this video I obtained over the newest replace to Raptoreums cpuminer-gr miner. This Miner is devoted to the RTM Ghostrider algorithm to assist enhance the efficiency of your CPU.

Pool Address for the miner: stratum+tcp://raptorna.011data.com:3008

Sorry it wont let me add sure parameters to the…


  1. Can I ask a question please – my 3900x works in HiveOS while doing the testing and after testing is complete it comes up with a message Stratum line config error and it idles. I have tried 3-4 different pools

  2. Hey man, great video, I went with your advices and everything seems to but running fine except 0.00 RTM in my wallet after whole night of mining 😀 any idea what can be wrong? I'm trying again with new wallet today

  3. Is there a difference of using lets say "Zen2" bat.file comparing to just use the CPUminer.bat file? after you've done the full-tune? Can't find any info regarding it.
    I am avg 4.1k/h on my 3950X

    Thanks for a great video (Y)

  4. Hi my teacher 🙂

    i have ryzen5900x ( 2x8G/3600) Hashrate (avg) 3.1 KH/s and i5-9400F (1x8G/2666) 485.5 H/s. However the number of "accepted" is the same. Could there be a DDR4 latency problem?

  5. @Rabid Mining – Is there a way in hiveos to rerun the full tune? I've taken out the command from user config, refreshed and put it back in but it still runs the same file. Any ideas? Thanks

  6. 1.2.1 is out, it also mentions improvement on Dual Channel DDR "Different prefetch methods – This can bring more performance on CPUs with
    higher overclocks and 2 sticks of RAM while maintaining proper performance"
    Please test it out as all yours are on single channel, and we know Dual Channel makes huge improvement on XMR algo.

  7. Nice video man, Im mining using Hiveos with a Ryzen 5 3600, if I use the version 1.1.8 or 1.1.9 the system reboot( no log), but the 1.1.7 for me is working fine, let's hope when it
    release the 1.2.0 for Hiveos fix this problem…

  8. So I had 1.1.9 I had my donation at a minimum at 1.25%. Now, Im on 1.2.1, is there a new donation command for it? I can't change it with the new cpu miner.

  9. Is it profitable right now? I tried it some weeks ago for less than a day on some xeon servers I have and didn't find it to be profitable, or maybe I was missing something?

  10. to anyone running socket 1150 with avx 2 support and it defaults to sse 2 generic cpu….i have a temp solution for you. i made a new folder and made copies of sse2 and avx2 file. then i went and deleted the sse2 file in the main folder and renamed the avx 2 command the same as the sse 2 one. it still pops up saying "loading generic sse 2 " but in reality it then says sw supported avx and it will be much faster. although i've seen no speed boost in my ryzen 1700 or any of my intel 4xxx or my 9100f which is a bit frustrating.

  11. 4 hours downtime to run a full tune for all of my rigs is worth $8 to me. What were they thinking making it take that long?? I’ll stay with the previous version.


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