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CPU MINING RAPTOREUM | Ultimate Showdown Is On


In this video I’m beginning the biggest take a look at I’ve completed up to now with regard to Raptoreum CPU MINING. When The outcomes are in it ought to reply nearly all of most peoples questions.

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  1. thanks Rabid, i just started my mining journey with my first rtx3090 rig after watching Red panda's how to build vidoes. Started a youtube channel just to document my journey. thanks for all your info, i started mining raptoreum on my old PC's (@2 i7-8700) and the i5 cpu on my mining Rig. thanks for all your guides and content.

  2. So glad I went to 011data, flockpool procs all the time but the overall return was less. When 011 was down last week I went to minerfacil which wasn't bad, never did do the math with the fees to see which was better and went back to 011.

  3. How do you get the one server PSU to run all those miners? I would like a video to show how you did that. I have 6 miners with 6 psu but would like to consolidate into one if possible

  4. Hey Rabid! Thanks for all the great videos man! I recently built a Ryzen 9 5900x rig, I am curious what normal temps should be? Currently my rig runs around 90 degrees Celsius. I was thinking maybe water cooler if needed.

  5. Hey Rabid just got a 5900 rig up and going two days ago and was wondering if you GPU mine while you CPU mine? I’m also mining a 6600 xt with windows while I mine raptoreum but I’m only getting about 13 RTM a day. Is the GPU mining slowing down the CPU? Love the videos man it’s a huge help when just getting started.

  6. Hello from Cowtown. Switched to Minfacil 3 days ago after bouncing around some not so good pools. Pretty solid so far. Started CPU mining a little over a month ago following your videos. Thanks Rabid!

  7. Hey Rabid, I was talking in the comments of one of your other videos about using the 2700 nonX on my gpu rig to dual mine RTM. So I ended up at about 1Kh/s on it. It was suggested to disable SMT and see if that helped. It didn't. I had about the same hashrate, but it made Team Red Miner unstable. Just an update in case you were interested.


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