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CPU MINING Rig Build LIVE More Profitable Then a 3090!!


CPU Mining
In todays Live Stream I’m going to be placing collectively a CPU Mining rig now I’m uncertain if that is even going to work because it didn’t need to boot earlier than so I pulled it aside checked some elements and now throwing it again collectively LIVE!!!

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  1. lol, i gues buying prebuilt PC's will really be a thing here soon hah. gpu's for the crypto rig and MB, RAM, CPU for raptorium. I foresee a PC case flooding soon.

  2. Quick question regarding motherboards:
    Other than compatibility, is there anything in particular that is important to keep an eye out for when choosing a mining motherboard? Or do you just go with a cheap one for quicker ROI?
    I do have a first gen ryzen chip to update the bios.

  3. I missed the live. :/ I wanted to ask your advised vCore and frequency for Ryzen 3600. Lots of YouTubers suggesting [email protected]/3.8GHz for 3900X, nobody talking about 3600, and I have several rigs mining ETH that have Ryzen 3600, so I'd like to know what's the most efficient setting.

  4. Hi Rabid, I watch one of your resent videos on setting up raptoreum, and you showed using rplant pool. In you stream you mentioned don’t use it. What would you recommend? Just setup a 5900x to start learning. I must be missing something only getting Avg 2.2k does that seem low? Only been 10hrs

  5. I’m mining on two 5600X cause it’s just what I had on hand. I noticed the difficulty rose quite a lot today. Is it worth it to buy another 3900x or 5900x which ever is cheaper? Or should I just continue with those 2 and not make a bigger hole for myself lol

  6. Just subbed: quick question: 5900X or 5950X for Raptoreum? Quick look shows that 5900X is 3600mh/s avg and 5950X 4200mh/s. But this diff seems too big to me, esp when you consider that Raptoreum is affected mostly by the ammount of L3 cache. Now, is it all down to the extra L1+L2 cache from those 4 more cores? I need to decide quickly because very soon I'm expecting at least 200€ price spike (if not permanent "sold out").


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