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Here we’re guys our outcomes from SOLO mining Veruscoin for 1 week with 3 Ryzen 9 3900x CPUs OC at 3.6gh and 1v lets see what number of blocks we hit 🙂

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  1. Thank you for the cool update! I guess one question that remains more of a mystery is how much of those 30 coins were earned on your wins at 75% vs getting someone else’s win at 25%. Luck Pools explanation was a little confusing saying that the 25% is shared with regular pool miners as well. If the solo won blocks are 25% shared with only fellow hybrid solo miners it’s pretty crystal clear how everyone benefits together. Otherwise it seems your luck is strictly your own.

  2. Interesting to see comparisons. I've recently swapped my rigs (both CPU and GPU) to MoneroOcean just to compare profits. Eth direct mining vs Eth AutoXMR and so far I'm making more profit wise mining to MoneroOcean

  3. Another excellent experiment video. I've learned so much and am up to 3 cpu rigs with another 2 on the way. Currently have 2 3900x on monero ocean and just started a few hours ago on luckpool with a 3950. Getting a little over 35MH using 30 threads 1.0125v and 3.65GHz on the cores. Temp 57C with the NH-D15.

  4. Can you please make a full tutorial on making a CPU mining rig. Like an in depth step by step process. I'm new to mining lool. Would really appreciate it 😁. Your channel has given me the motivation keep up the great content 👍🏾

  5. The big blocks comes from when someone gets a Verus ID. It starts at 100 VRSC and can go down to 20 on top of the 12 from the block reward. Sometimes you can get 100s of VRSC in one block.

  6. yeye, started moneroocean thanks to your videos. Decent profit without tweaking the bios, when I get time I will look into adjusting my timings and cpu oc settings. So a CPU oc settings guide would be a dope video. Thanks, man

  7. Hey Rabid have you used CTR 2.1? You can just save your profile in CTR and there is auto profile switching depending on workload, without transferring the CTR results into ryzen master. All hashrates are up on my 3900x rigs, building my 4th rig this weekend, I may grab a 3950x for this build. Secondly I’ve been mining Haven and trying different configs in xmrig, have you found the optimal xmrig configurations for haven (cn-heavy)?

  8. get number 4 going and do another solo awesome great video. actually why not get 4 on verus but mine normally for a week and see how many you can get like that compared to solo .


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