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Crypto Mining 2021 A 7 Year Olds Profits


Crypto Mining 2021
In this video I take a look at my 7 12 months outdated daughters crypto mining income from the previous 2 and a half months mining about 10 hours a day. Not trying to dangerous for a 7 12 months outdated crypto mining in 2021 is trying actually good.

7 Year Olds PC BUILD: https://youtu.be/3mEm3m86EvA

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  1. Good morning ! nice setup for the little one ! I'm thinking of doing one for mine in white and pink as well. What is the name of the wallet you use for RVN? Thanks to you I got to know cpu mining.

  2. is 011 pool down? I also haven't been able to join your discord, I get in , but then there's no way to click to see channels ty! *edit, saw info about 011datapool, but discord still isn't allowing me in after a few weeks

  3. Call back for 7 year old you're saying that's not bad for 7 year old yes but she didn't build it herself one and two you're the one who told her what to mine I mean if a 7 year old themself decided to buy the computer themselves and mind it themself maybe something special I'm sorry congrats on the funds though and the

  4. Do you know you single handedly created the raptoreum difficulty to 9x itself? Yet you keep sharing and shooting your profits in the foot. It's affected all of us. All I can assume is you care a lot more about youtube revenue than mining revenue. Thanks for getting my earnings down to $2 a day per cpu. Are you for the mining community or against it?

  5. Same with crypto, which wallet will provide more utility in the future. Is it just to store crypto? or will she need to hold different types and do off chain transactions like swapping or staking? Keep thaT in mind.

  6. Very nice profits for your daughter, I started mining on my old cpu an i5 4460 in 2018 and didn't make a lot of money, to this day I have about 52RTM, 0.07 AAVE, 0.0059 XMR and the rest isn't that much money and I have 0.00000984 BTC, imagine her pc runing 24/7 it would have double

  7. Did the eth reduced their fees to miners about 2 weeks ago?

    I’ve lost about 20% of my daily eth😤 I’ve asked hive-on why but they’ve ignored me.


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