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Live stream the place you guys can ask me something in the case of mining Crypto. If I dont know the reply we will google it!!!! lol

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  1. Not worth OCing most CPUs above .1 or
    .2 above the boost speed since you'll need voltages above 1.35 which will cause Xtreme diminishing returns. Also most motherboards VRM assemblies at rig pricing are not set up for this. Sure, a $190 board does fine, but you're not spending that much on a board for a CPU mining rig if you ever want to get ROI less than a year.

  2. Hey always a great video watching it late … but yea cant get my one cpu to mine in hiveos … my main pc mines great in windows tho … 5600g in hive sends errors and wont work discord at the time couldnt help im pretty sure i copied you to the T in the miner config but idk 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. 5900x , deepcool AS500 aircooler, EVGA 500w PSU, Asus Tuf x570, 8GB (x2) 3200 ram, XMP on, PBO disabled, Precision Boost advanced, curve optimizer all core -25. average cpu temp low 70's, avg hasrates @ 3200-3400 (these are my go to machines)

  4. I've noticed some Raptoreum miners claim that the 5900x needs motherboards with a lot of power phases and will not achieve full hashrate on on "m" motherboards or even full size motherboards with not enough power phases. Is that true ? If someone is getting 5900x full hashrate on a A520 motherboard, could you state the model please.

  5. Hey Rabid, I've been watching your channel for a while now. I'm thinking of upgrading my cpus but was wanting to get your opinion of which is better 2.7ghz 12 core 30mb cache or 3.0ghz 10 core 25mb cache. Just asking don't really know which would be better. Not worried about the power. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. I love mining just do it for fun not really profit right now. I am making a little but I'm in it for the long run. Love the videos.


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