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Crypto Mining Banned Again | Power CRISIS In Southern Europe


Crypto Ban Amid Power Crisis
Sounds Like one other nation is placing the ban hammer onto crypto mining however a minimum of this time it might simply be momentary. As all the time solely time will inform.

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  1. I think it's going to spread due to the war in Ukraine and the sanctions of Russia, which will affect many countries. When they shut off that valve towards Europe people will not be able to afford to mine or, it will cost more than you'd gain from it and there goes the value of crypto. Countries will most likely ban it to focus the electricity on more fundamental things we need in life over worthless coins with no real value other than people's hope and hype. I'd cast out now while it's possible and worth something.

  2. I'm a fan of crypto but because of the Chip Shortage, demand and growing population, Mining should be permanently banned GLOBALLY because we dont have unlimited stuff to keep up with Mining.

  3. It's fool's errand to embark upon a quest that can't be brought to a successful end. Crypto can't be stopped, especially when investors keep their funds in a non-custodial crypto wallet like Atomic Wallet

  4. Kosovo is Serbia! Problem is people from Serbia paying elctricity for Kosovo, and Kosovo is part of Serbia who declare to be contry by their own with support of some countries… Kosovo doesnt exist, its Serbia region….. and everyone putting their rigs their because no1 paying bills for electricity there, eveything going on our bills

  5. Rabid
    top demais ! irmão 1 duvida tenho 1 ASROCK b45o Stell Legend tem algo na bios alem do power loss on para rebutar na fata de energia, reinicio em 30s e não liga novamente! tem sugestão de todas as conigurações para bios desse modelo irmão

  6. you americans need to get your shit together
    kosovo has nothing to do with south europe. Nobody gives a shit about kosovo.its a local crisis that does not affect crypto, nor europe

  7. You should know kosovo is a pretty poor Country which is still suffering from the past war and incredible poorness, so most of the population has other difficultys then mining. And no power might mean freezing to death by about -20°C in a windy shack


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