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DO THIS!!!! Silence Your AntMiner L3+ | Fan Swap


Silent Running AntMiner L3+
In this video you guys wished me to point out you the way you possibly can make a Antminer L3+ run quietly effectively right here it’s I can hardly even discover its on now.

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  1. This will only work in a cold environment Southern California pretty hot on the summer time and 3000 rpm not good enough to keep on low temp that will not over heat.
    Unless keep it in a Airconditioned room my issue is my DIY solar system on my backyard and only accessible outside. Anyway my question can I increase the speed of Noctua
    NF-F12 to make it higher rpm maybe 5000 to 6000 rpm then it will noisy again. Any comment appreciated Thanks.

  2. Sounds great literally. I want to buy a couple of L3+ so I'll try reversing the air flow then buy quieter fans. I've also wondered if the box was bigger then we could use taller heat sinks with better fans.

  3. i was thinking of doing this to my asic miner, i so glad i found your vid.
    now i wanna try it with a bigger asic miner like avalon or s19

  4. Now this is food for thought. I thought I was going to be locked into buying a few mini doge miners, but this looks like a very viable solution. Now to find an L3+ miner that people aren't asking an arm and a leg for up here in Canada!

  5. It would be interesting to know what power you are pulling before and after as well. You may be running more efficiently and we all know electricity is the main contributor to profits.

  6. If there is a way to silence HP and Delta power supplies I'd be interested. They are OK most of the time but when we have weeks of heatwave conditions here, no amount of additional airflow in my mining garage will stop them sounding like a bunch of ASICs.

  7. Another trick I've learned with the L3's is to flip the fans opposite of the way they come from the factory. Instead of dragging warm air over the end where the chips are, you're bringing the fresh cool air to them first and then out the other end. Was able to drop temps by 10-15 degrees C on all of mine by doing this.

  8. Good idea, hopefully they keep it cool during the summer. If these struggle after testing try the Phanteks T30 fans, I use them in my builds to keep everything nice and cool

  9. Awesome video. The video when you are comparing the mini doge and the L3+. When I purchased my three mini doge I paid $2100 for them, while the old L3+ prices had ballooned to $3500, so I ended up with 3 mini doge. Your video is accurate, but only in our current market.

  10. Rabid Mining wow is this real 👍 man I need them fans, truly thanks for putting this together.. can’t wait to get mine and BTW I got me another L3 unit, this one is new but will change the fan and it’s a L3+ vs the L3++ I already have .. One other thing I noticed in your video is your HW errors is very very high of some of your hash boards, high errors normally is a sign that the board will go soon keep a close eye on that.

  11. Thanks for the video! Do you have or know a good video on venting out a window? Also do you think the L3+ still has a couple of good years in them? Can't decide to get another helium miner or this but plus side is I can put many of these in my home(already have helium at the house). Thanks again and happy mining!

  12. Please my brother Rabid, don't put bad ideas in the head of your audience, there are young folks watching your videos, 6000 RPM fans are no joke, they could literally cut your fingers without a single regret :p
    Have a great week and keep on mining <3

  13. yeaaaa that whole gamers nexus and UFD Tech isnt looking too good for NewEgg… i cant wait for GN to drop the video of them going to NewEgg and confronting them


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