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Do You Have The Power To Run A Crypto Mining Rig? Plus Riser Giveaway Winner


Power To Run A Crypto Mining Rig.
In this video I have a look at totally different circuits to see how a lot energy you’ll be able to really draw at dwelling to be secure and never burn your own home down.

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  1. I live in america and have 220v laundry 3 prong outlet, can i use that for the server psu 2400w like you have? Thank you. Cause accoding to the paper you have, that 220 is not covered by the brackets

  2. Late, I know, but for Norway:
    Power into houses are 220V either singel or three phase. older houses often only Single. Newer houses built after 1997 in designated residential areas might get 400v 3 phase from the transformer for the house though not always.
    In the house, power to rooms with water heater, washing machine etc usually get 16A fuses. To normal wall sockets in average rooms would normally get either 10A or 16A. Among older houses I'ld say mostly 10A. I have 10A to lights and 16A to sockets
    Though with the much larger sale numbers and use of electric cars, a lot of this gets upgraded to support faster charging.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the video. I have read that it is safest to load each circuit based on the TOTAL power output of the card (so 200 in case of 3060Ti) instead of the intended output. Have you read anything definitive anywhere? This would decrease the number of cards you could put in each circuit.

  4. silly question, if i have 2 vega 64/56 (both running in 56 mode) can i use 2 8 to two 6+2 pin power adapters to power them (essentially 1 vga wire from psu to 2 8 to two 6+2 (each card has dual 8 pin)) i run gpu 1030/800 mem 1060/850. thanks

  5. Nice video ! But i don't understand how you live in a 120v country and said to have 240V in your house and being able to power a 240V psu. Sorry for noob question but obviously i don't understand how you do that, can you explain please? Do you use a converter ?

  6. You can double check your circuit again if you want to. I had 2 circuit in the garage that i was using and the 2nd tripped both. I said crap then remembered i had power when i shut the other off. I didnt make sense. Then it hit me. I used an extension cord that was close to the limit of what i was using and it was too long so it actually was pulling more than it could handle and tripped the breaker. The 2nd breaker was right above it in box on a gfi and the power surge tripped it as well. Once i upgraded the extension cord, knock on wood, I have had no problems other than cooling. Lol.

  7. Nice vid! What do you think about hanging 3XXX series cards using the zip tie method that you mentioned? Do you think that with the weight and size of the cards could cause damage to the cards if they are hanging there long term?

  8. Thank you! I'm totally new to mining but I have enough wherewithal to know that if you don't do power properly you can cause a fire so when I was researching how to power a rig I felt like I wasn't finding good information or it was really confusing. After watching this video I have a few questions:

    As we discussed on the other video the 3060ti is 200w but you said it won't be running at that capacity. What capacity exactly would it be running at? And what about overclocking? If we oc it will it then have to be cranked up to 200w?

    Because I was thinking about doing a 6 GPU rig due to the 200w rating of the 3060, I was planning on getting a motherboard which supports only 6 GPU's. But now that you're saying I can go up to 10 GPU, I may have to get a different motherboard should I decide to build up to 10 GPU. That being said, running a 10 GPU rig, would that change anything in terms of the OS or the processor? I was thinking I would do Windows 10 with a Celeron processor and 8GB of RAM on a 6 GPU rig. Expanding that to 10 GPU, do any of those three variables need to change (OS, RAM, processor)? I would assume not but I saw someone on Reddit saying something about how their software wasn't able to detect and run that many cards even though their motherboard supported it.

    In terms of PSU, because I can't go beyond 1800W (really 1440w), should I just buy two separate 750w PSU's? I'm not exactly sure what to do here. Searching your videos for info on this topic so I apologize if you've already answered it.


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