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Dont BUY Intels Alder Lake CPU For Mining Crypto !!!


Intel Alder Lake
In this video I look a bit at Intels Alder Lake CPUs specs and see that but once more they’re gonna be one other let all the way down to all of the CPU miners on the market in addition to different those who use workstations.

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  1. Damn, thats how you feel? these are great chips, its actually good that Miners/Scalpers won't be hoarding this one. These Chips can be tune very similar efficiency to 5900X, it has unlocked power limit out the box leaving efficiency out the door for heavy compute, gaming and desktop use is actually pretty efficient. I think everyone over expected on this first desktop Chip on intel 7, Chips are designed years in advance and Intel's delay on nodes wasnt helping the situation. Logically speaking it's great regardless of mining which isnt something neither of them market as a feature

  2. Very happy to see that Intel can't deliver what miners want, now we can build our PCs with peace. Thanks! 😌 No more scalping. Miners have made the lives of PC enthusiasts hell, now its time for some revenge.

  3. wow.

    This all sounds like you don't know what you are talking about.

    Yes, TDP is high, but these CPUs look like they are likely to take the gamer crown back at a LOWER price.

    For gamers, that is what they want.

  4. I didn't realise people still fall for its only about thread counts. I'd this is the case, why are early cinebench leaks showing a 24 thread 12900k beats a 32 thread 5950x in multithread tests?

  5. So, let me get this right, you are making conclusions about a CPU you don't have and for which benchmarks are not available yet?

    Why not wait for real reviews to come out first?

  6. Yeah it’s not just 3% that GPU mine. The silicon shortage in general is arguably contributed by crypto . And One more thing, that minor gaming performance boost Intel has over AMD that would supposedly go “unnoticed” would probably be made a huge deal of by AMD fan boys if the shoe were on the other foot, that’s just my thought.

  7. This AMD fanboy aka @Rabid Mining must be coping so hard after cinebench leak showed i5-12600k performs a bit better than ryzen 7 5800x while i7-12700k completely destroy ryzen 7 and almost performs on part with ryzen 9 5900x while i9 12900k performs better than ryzen 9 5950x.

  8. Intel 10nm does have higher density than TSMC 7nm. Given how much bigger the physical package is, the increase in power consumption is due the a larger transistor count on the P cores. Without the Hybrid design Alder Lake power consumption will probably be through the roof. The lack of benchmark leaks is also surprising, given a lot of people already has the CPU in hand. My guess is the performance is not good at all given the higher price of the of the overall platform (new mobo + DDR5).

  9. dislikes are obvious alder lake is not released yet and these AMD fanboys already making videos and saying it's trash LOL I wish i could do 1 million dislikes in the video

  10. I just watched a special on a guy in china that is running a mining business partially funded by the chines government where he has over 1 million RTX 3080s mining 24/7. The electric bill which is subsidies by the government is 1.4 to 1.6 million a month. I also watched another video of a UK gentlemen that has 200k GPUs mining in a warehouse. I highly doubt mining accounts for 3% of GPU usage.

  11. People are getting excited with these new chips but they will bring a lot of negative aspects because this is the first gen of their new "architecture" Raptor Lake are the chips people should get excited about, not Alder Lake.

  12. Ok serious question. Are you disappointed with performance from a miner's perspective or the performance in general? Because most of the video seems subjective as opposed to objective.

  13. I went ahead with the 12700k just to test with rtm since it has over 2x the L2-L3 cache than previous gen. If it doesn't work out I'll use it to build my kids new gaming rig since I won't be able to use it much for mining anyway. At least he won't need a new comp for a while.

  14. What is this fake news video? Where are the reliable sources to claim Intel dropped the ball? Hmmmmmm you really shouldn't be recommending anything before release date when you paid almost $700 for a 3950X recently….

    FYI all cores are not created equal.

  15. Embargo hasnt lifted left right. Wait and c some real rewievs before going guano on intel. Price is equal ryzen. 12600kf cost same as 5600x. Ik i bought both. Mobos on the other hand. Yeezzus


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