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EASY!!! HiveOS AMD DRIVER UPGRADE +Latest Stable Version


Updating your HiveOS Stable Version in addition to AMD Drivers simply obtained a number of steps simpler and quicker!!

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  1. Hey Thanks for this video as always! Do you have a video on Overclocking Schedule for Summer mode Day and night mode? im asking because you go over the fine details on setting things up and thats what I love about your videos. Thanks in advance.

  2. The new R mode is kicking ass, especially the actual release on the 18th. Had some issues with drivers last night and commands werent working so i reflashed. Wish i had this video last NIGHT! Thanks rabid, staying on top of everything is hard now that i started work 🙁

  3. Upgraded everything, seeing TRM Ver 10.0.0, Hiveos ver [email protected] and lost R-mode. All the flight sheet setup is still there, just lost 20 mh on my 4 5700 xts. Anyone else having a problem with getting R mode to work with the updates? Also shelled in and now have B mode (B332, B308, B288, and B608) showing in my Eth Cfg column.

  4. Little clarification, OPENCL 20.40 is not the latest version of AMD drivers. For the anecdote, HiveOS uses a mixture of an old OPENCL librairies 20.40 (PAL) with more up-to-date AMDGPU kernels drivers. The reason, they are doing it to be able to maintain compatibility with OPENCL PAL (mostly used by older GPUs like POLARIS and before).
    Since 20.45, AMDGPU comes with OPENCL ROCR (derivative from open source project OPENCL ROCM), which sadly is not fully compatible with POLARIS, so hiveOS created that mixture in order to keep compatibility 🙂
    Have a great weekend my brother Rabid <3


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