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ERGO Is BROKEN!!!! | Here's How To Make ERGO Profitable!!!!


ERGO Broken Profits
Hey guys so on this video I wanna go over at how I see ERGO as being damaged for miners and the way you should use it to your benefit to perhaps mine for some earnings.

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  1. So how bout 3 3090’s (OC 1200 1800) are more efficient on ERGO than 8 5700XT’s running team red miner with the bios mod and the R Mode mod. I’m getting 244.6 MH per 3090. Granted it isn’t profitable but I am surprised still. Only a -23 MH but a -102 watt difference.

  2. very dissapointed on this, such an important thing and at many ergo youtube meetings i asked if this will be addressed but no news from the developers. I am more dissapointed on ergo because they dont seem to see this very thing. These big miners coming in the network, grab as much as they can get in to their hands, and make the difficulty go mad then leave and the worst is they dont believe in ergo and they sell it off and you can see the price action now. if its goes like this in 6 months or so there wont be no miners going to their network. They have to be so carefull with this.

  3. Thank you! I've been trying to understand what's been going on with ERGO and your video definitely sheds some light. It sure seems like more can be done to prevent the onslaught of hash rate to a pool, say 2Miners could allow existing miners to remain and allow only a small percentage of new miners/pool-hoppers come back in at a time.

  4. The difficulty should be working like a traditional PID controller in automation. Basically, the change in difficulty should be done, proportional to the rate of increase and decrease in hash rate. Lets say all of the hashrate would disappear, then theoretically the difficulty would never come down, as no blocks would be found, and based on the algo, it need that 1024 blocks for any adjustment to happen. Ergo needs to do something quickly otherwise miners will loose all faith in Ergo and miners will shy away more from Ergo.

  5. Ergo is meant to run 2min block times last I checked it was out past 7min.
    Due to the long block times, it will take even longer to drop the difficulty, as the difficulty is dropped over the number of blocks not the time passed. Typically this would not be a major problem but 2min now equals 7min.
    Ergo has Defi, these long block times will destroy the performance.


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