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Ethereum 2.0 And The Future Of GPU Mining


Ethereum 2.0 And The Future Of GPU Mining
In this video I look to the long run and what might occur at Ethereum 2.0 offical launch in 2 or 3 years time and the way gpu mining earnings could look.

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  1. I'm not a fan of this PoS move for a few reasons.
    Proof of stake sounds like it'll create a much higher barrier for entry into the crypto-sphere. 32 eth to become a validator? I'd wager alot of people don't have ~60k USD sitting around that they can afford to tie up in investments for even 1 month–much less a year.

    With mining, you can start with nothing but a gaming pc and make a noticeable boost to income; mining translates into tangible benefits, like food, or making it easier to pay rent. Unlike mining, with proof of stake you can't start with nothing and make something–you have to start with 60k.

    Am I understanding this correctly? If I were to stake $100 to be a validator–ignoring the 32 eth minimum–and–for arguments sake–say I make 30% annually. Then I'd get 30 dollars after a year of tying up my 100 dollars?

    If that's the case, then It just seems like more of the same economic bullshit that crypto-currency was supposed to offer an alternative to–only the rich get richer.

    I just can't see how eth 2.0 will not centralize wealth into the hands of the already wealthy. The spirit of crypto–I believe–is to democratize wealth. I hope I'm misunderstanding everything.

    Lastly, I get a whole dunder mifflin 2.0 vibe from this.

  2. What to mine after Ethereum? Well it have very very easy answer. BitcoinZ 100 percent minable by PCs 100 percent Community driven Not a BTC fork One of the most fair crypto with NO premine No ICO No instamine offering privacy, speed, 0 fees

  3. What will GPU miner do ?will there be any other profitable coin?Will GPU mining will be just a history?I am a student of High School and my Mining Dream just become a nightmare now.What will you do?


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