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ETHEREUM ASICs Will Soon Be Out Of Control !!! / Ethereum Difficulty



In this video I take a look at the New Gen ASICs which might be coming to the ETHEREUM community and what which will appear to be be prepared for a bumpy highway GPUs!!!

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  1. Profits are good. This guy is the pessimistic miner. Crypto is more popular than ever and is increasing in popularity. There will be an ETH replacement by the time 2.0 takes place. I’m not worried too much. Will be a good time to buy cheap gpu’s and grow your farms if people dump their gear.

  2. So basically you are saying that when this antminer will be released to market it would be an incrrase of Hz. With that being said if you want to keep mining you will mine almost 30% lower of eth cause the difficulty because of the increasing Hz. Let me know if i dont get it

  3. Lololol love the random clips, Rabid you think that increase in hash rate is mostly new GPUs rigs coming online past year or past few month? Or is the ASIC manufactures mining these new units before shipping them out? I thinking going to spike more then we think next couple months, for sure these companies are going to mine the shit of these as much as they can before shipping to customers

  4. Fun fact innosilicon never took preorders for A11 miners. Everyone else did in enticipation. Personally I think they are on hold. But today I did see other brands and models that are comming to market at insane speeds and prices. Aug-Oct timeframe. As far as buying an Eth asic, for costs you better have some guarantee that you will be able to mine Eth for like 2 years. POS is comming so what happens then??? Just insanity unless people know something that I don't or have money to spend. Oh well.

  5. So glad RavenCoin is ASIC resistant they truly are for the people it’s the main reason why I started mining with a passion. I myself would have never thought I’d be mining cryptocurrency with something that increases FPS lol πŸ˜‡πŸš€πŸ˜‡

  6. Anyone else noticing a massive increase in mining rewards the last couple days like 20% increase? It's interesting to see things going in the opposite direction, at least short term.


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