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Ethereum Difficulty Bomb Timeline | How Much Longer Do GPUs Have?


Ethereum Difficulty Bomb
In this video I take a look on the Ethereum Difficulty Bomb timeline to see how a lot time we could or could not have left for Ethereum mining.

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  1. merge not happening. 1. the good devs left years ago 2. with crypto price crash – they will say "ethereum price crash – we cant do merge!" hope everybody is well? its warm here in uk. been farting around with rigs – my goodness TRM is good – it just kicks ass. trying to migrate to eth plus alph on LOLminer – and yes LOLminer is good – i love it. but eth plus alph on LOL uses more power than eth plus ton on TRM. i wish TRM would do eth plus alph. we have mostly amd gpus .
    i easily moved my ton using the bridge – ton mining was great – very sad is going going gone. ton had a duck an actual duck
    it was proper good. a crypto duck. birds are good – ducks are another level of bird goodness.
    we should try and get away from eth – proof of work is what crypto is all about – its the whole point. eth devs are woke loonies – i not like woke i like base.. POS is not what crypto is about. everything pivots into screwing everybody. resist the pivot. i watch crypto sniper , cheds , crypto crew university. we will keep mining – suspect my partners are sneaking the electric in from somewhere – hey – i saw nothing. i know nothing officer

  2. I prefer mining than buying cryptocurrencies.
    My equipment is already paid for. Even with a tie, I keep mining. If it starts to lose 5% below, I shut down my rigs with no problem. I believe some currency will take over with good profit. Not now, but maybe by the end of the year.

  3. I'm more worried about how ETH merge is going to affect all ERC20's if they don't do the merge or get it right. It could really effect the defi wallets. They could implode the whole ERC20 coin system. jmho I still think they are not going to be able to do the merge before 2023 unless they force it, and that also is another negative.

  4. The summer heat and crap ETH value is bring people off the hashrate. It's not stable, nor is hashrate going up. It's going down. The block time in the next week is going to accelerate. It all comes down to whether you think ETH now is going to be worth more as this POS story develops. Unlike in the past, POS is real. That could trash the value, not bring it up. Mining for peanuts now? Big gamble on predicting ETH is going back up beyond $2K or $3K in the next year, or two. Bag your GPUs for that? In the summer heat?

  5. i think merge is far away, this is why we seeing whales dumping the Staked ETH and getting Eth instead, investors lost confidence of the ETH 2.0. I will be very suprised if they managed to merge by October.

  6. It's game over!
    I feel bad who ever put thousands on thousands in mining This year! And Gps are on a discount no body really wants them
    Except gamers and they not buying no 3090 for over 500$! Because games know how to stretch a 1660 ti and a 3060.

    The smart people cut their rigs off! Or keep losing money or making 30 to 50c a day is not worth it! Or plane noting!

  7. Summer Vacations are also a thing, so doing any substantial work over the summer I can't see being overly ambitious; same goes for December. I work in the software industry, people take vacations.


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