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Ethereum The Merge
Well guys Tim has posted one other tweak however this time we’ve a bit extra perception into what may very well be happening.

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  1. Predators + locked up ETH + time = short sellers feeding frenzy to sell off ETH and spook investors to sell, drop the price to create a new buying opportunity. Classic hedge fund predator strategy that Wall Street loves Scared money becomes other people's money. Sell ETH from the pool or gamble. Regardless look for the buying op post lock up.

  2. Lots of answered questions but I believe they are on double time mode to finish the merge. Probably will happen before August in my opinion. Currently have 10 coins staked I'm more interested when stake holders will be able to access there staked eth, made over 2k so far in staking.

  3. It's going to be funny to watch all those staked ETH piles burn in a fire as they sit in locked vaults because of staking while the value crumbles around them.

    I see a perfect storm brewing for ETH where the move causes too much trouble for developers and they just move on to a better network. Transaction times ballooning could also drive away investor traffic.

  4. Well at least no excuse crying you didn't have time to dump your cards before Eth goes when there only use is gaming 🙂 and as there is NO current alternative coin out there that would even pay the power once 50x/100x/1000x Gh of miners move to current minable coins most will have to sell coins mined and so kill coin being mined, Sort of Turkeys voting for Christmas and then supplying the ovens. Going to be a interesting end of year.

  5. the merge will mean the end of eth, it is nothing more than an effort to screw the little guys and make the whales richer, they will take the profits and run leaving the rest to lose it all. the big players are not content to share with these little players and this is how they are doing it.

  6. POS probably stands for piece of shit. Throwing all the miners under the bus who have been contributing cash and time to help secure the network only to be called energy wasters. Ethereum instead of working to make the currency better by fixing their ridiculous gas prices, they put all hands on deck to flip up the miners. What an actual joke.

    Nobody would want to stake ethereum if there is no way of withdrawing. That is the same as term deposit but you are not guaranteed your principal back. 4% but no guarantee on the principal value in a cryptocurrency world where everything is so volatile. Seriously lol…. Nobody in the right mindset would like a high risk locked investment like that WITH NO TIMELINE IN SIGHT on WHEN you can actually withdraw. Given the merge track record, maybe can withdraw 10 years later? And that is a BIG MAYBE.

    Because of my point above, ethereum will have few people securing the network, crash and burn. I cannot wait to see that happening :).

    POS system lol

  7. I dunno. My gut is saying it's not far off TBH. The way they are talking about it. Only word that I enjoy? "bug-free". I'm thinking good luck on that. I'm wondering on that end, is it doable. Tim is annoying me though. He's into double speak. Yanking the chain of miners. Seems like a troll if I'm being honest. It's really just FUD. Sure, push the merge through but it brings no appreciable benefits because everything comes after. To me? That's the kiss of death for the coin. Bit words, yes. But you tell me. What is the benefit to ETH with the merge, with it missing the above mentioned features. What is the feature? Like you aside, kills mining, but outside of that? What seriously is the selling point? It improves ETH how? One step closer to bringing in all the other promised features but you need to wait a year or two? Seems asinine to me.

  8. POS= piece of sht which is what eth is gunna be post merge. if the devs were smart and not corrupt AF they would just make eth an asic resistant hybrid chain like RTM and others. the fact that they are pushing so hard for POS and that eth asics exist at all show just how corrupt the devs are and decentralization and network security mean nothing to them, only getting richer does. imo the merge will be the beginning of the end for ETH as without the security and simplicity of POW, eth no longer has anything going for it compared to avax, luna, xrp, sol and others

  9. what Ethereans hear: "we are almost done, just a few more little steps"

    what BTC-Maxis & Other Alcoineers hear: "merge is delayed, again. Might never happen, as expected."

    What noncryptos hear: "我只懂火车站"


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