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FINAL Crypto Crash Is Coming!!!!


Crypto Crash
In this video I’m looking on the markets and the underside is just a few months away are you prepared for it?

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  1. yea its not going to get any lower, this is the bottom. were seeing side ways action now. Try to make money off of past trends is a bad mind set..in the end crypto does what crypto wants to do. You also have to take into account that years ago not as many people or corps were into crypto, as crypto gets adopted and many new great project replace these trash pump and dump coins, we will see a much more stable market. but thats just an opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was laughed off reddit for saying BTC was going to hit 15k or maybe even 10k with Bidenflation and ETH shooting itself in the face. I said that when BTC was still well over 60k. History can predict the future quite well. Great vid brother!

  3. I'm no expert trader I mine my crypto then assume a sell price and wait for specific crypto to hit that target, takes years but it's a sure thing (as long as it's not a $hit coin that will rag pull or die).

  4. I think everyone needs to realize that not every cycle is the same. Now, there is a much higher amount of adoption.
    I believe after looking at asic costs, we hit bottom.

  5. I agree with your analysis as I have come up with the same thing. I don't think it will go down that low, maybe 17k.
    You are also right that the T/A experts change their minds every day.
    One thing I do find interesting is that BTC was running heavily correlated with the stock market and recently has broken that trend.

    Who knows as the world is different this time around.

    The only thing that is guaranteed is, that it will go up or down. Lol

  6. I hope we have at least one more huge drop so we can keep stacking before the next bull run. Keep an eye on what the feds do. Currently the Democratic administration doesnt know how to tame the inflation and get the economy under control so expect volatility. Once we get the fed update that things will cool, there will be the launch of the next bull run.

  7. RM great content as always, you have saved me allot before so I have to agree with you lol, however the only thing I would add is the last bull run was truly different than all other previous bull runs, because the last bull run was the very first time we had a double โ€œmajorโ€ pump, for the very first time the chart actually looks like a bull lol, because of this major difference I think it fundamentally changes the bottom, still to be save I plan to swap the rest of my coins over to stable coins for the next 4-5 months.


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