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FLEXPOOL Updates there Webpage / Best looking Pool Now?


In this video I take a fast take a look at Flexpools new web site replace and it appears to be like nice! Also Chia Mining will probably be added quickly.

flexpool: https://www.flexpool.io/

Rabid Mining Discord: https://discord.gg/wXkMhztBDx
Rabid Mining Website: www.rabidmining.com
Parallel Miner Referral:…


  1. I am new to all of this but learning fast (if I had the money I would buy at least 2 more gpus), but how am I using the same algo, with the same miner, and the same GPU, with the same power settings, same pings to the pools, and I jump from 2miners to flexpool to see my hash rate reported in the software jump from 18-20 to 24-26 MH/s?

  2. Why promote this when mining doesn't even exist? When might never be released. Also take a look at the the githhub for chia pools, they plan on charging a mining-fee and a blockchain-fee, the mining-fee will go to the pool-house, but they don't even bother to tell where the blockchain-fee will go, and who ever heard of a blockchain-fee, and why break it out of the pool-fee? Everything about chia-net stinks.

  3. Anyone know how earnings are compare to Ezil? They're my favorite bc I get a separate coin to HodL that I can watch grow. Lately, I've been using my ETH to buy more chia farming gear, but I'll take more ETH (to spend on gear) over accumulating some ZIL… for now anyway.


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