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Flux NODES Profit Dumps By 4X, TREX Has HiveOS Mem Temps, Answering Questions!!!


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  1. Hey rabid hi.i have a cpu related question and i couldn't find the answer online i was wondering if you could help me…how come a 16 lane cpu like g4400 support 12 gpu?even if every card use 4x it shouldn't support more then 4, obviously I'm getting something wrong

  2. If miner dump their GPUs to the point that it starts hurting AMD, Nvidia and Intel we might be surprised by what they do put miners back to work. Nancy Pelosi is heavily invested in Nvidia and all the Democrats depend on Big Tech money. With that kind of pull they can pass legislation to make PoS unprofitable. Think a new special tax or anti-trust cases. The Whales are not untouchable when come to the sharks of politics. The biggest thing is addressing the 'green' BS being used to push all this. Something that's easy to do with the right people and rhetoric.

  3. 3090 I'd bump the fan speed up and replace the thermal pads. Lock the core down to like 1170.
    I look forward to ETH going PoS. It'll get GPUs on a good coin, or at least not the most terrible one, and all the people who think ETH 2.0 will do something good for people besides the ETH Devs/ICO investors will have another rude awakening and hopefully tank ETH's price. ETH 2.0 has literally nothing going for it that other EVM PoS chains don't already have including its own L2 chains like Polygon, and other L1s like Avalance, Fantom, Near, etc. ETH 2.0 will still be slow and unusably expensive. There will still be the MEV/Frontrunning garbage. People who staked their ETH won't be able to unstake it or claim rewards. It's such a dumpster fire I think GPU miners are probably lucky we're getting kicked off the network in the long run.

  4. I'm pretty sure your chia calculations are off. Using the chia calculator, and let's assume we buy (5) 8tb external drives from Costco on sale at $129 each, $645 for 40TB or 36.37Tib. 36.37Tib currently equals about $.73 a day. Obviously if the price of chia goes up, the situation looks a lot better.

  5. How can you call a 3090 power hungry? As compared to what? My asus 3090 does 123 at 312w, evga 3080ti does 88-91 at 247w ftw3/274w xc3, and evga 3070ti do 60 at 184w.


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