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GET READY GPUs Are About To Release!!!!


Nvidia GPU Drop
Get prepared Nvidia might be dropping GPUs ASAP both this week or subsequent week a few of there new GPUs could also be listed so in case you are searching for a GPU to get your arms on this might be the time!!!

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  1. I love how NVIDIA created LHR to stop miners from using eqipment to mine EXCEPT unless you buy the GPU directly from NVIDIA as a FE version then its NON LHR and you can buy all you want. LOLOL

  2. I am satisfied with the GPUs that I already have, and tired of paying ridiculous $. I am focusing on CPUs before the rest of the planet does, following your vision of the future of mining.

  3. im not bying any nvidia gpu,s the lhr malarky has pisst me off that much im looking forward to intels gpus, hopefully mining software gets updated quick to take advantage of them ill buy the top model if its on par with even a 3060 hopefully they will be , sick of nvidia im no fan boy after what they have done.

  4. 3090TI will most likely be not very profitable for miners compared to price to hash for 3090 imo but im very curious about price/hashrate for 3050 and how the 3080 12g will compare to the 10g model. very disappointing how prices keep going up after all this time of prices skyrocketing, even the shitty amd cards at microcenter- they couldnt sell hardly any 6700xt at $900 so their solution: raise the price to $1000 that should help them sell lol. also 6600/6600xt have been going up not to mention the scalpers everywhere besides microcenter/bestbuy have not relented 1 bit

  5. I think the issue has less to do with supply and more to do with bots and scalpers who are controlling the rate at which cards are being offered in the 2nd hand market. Until all vendors adopt a sensible strategy (like Zotac and EVGA have done to some extent), this is the world we live in.

  6. The reality is there is seriously no point in releasing that RTX 3080 12 GB except maybe dividing the lineup even more and making sure the inflated prices keep going 🙁
    Love your perfect pronunciation of the RTX 3090 "THAI" (FE) which ironically won't be even sold in THAILAND though LOL
    Have a great week ahead my brother Rabid <3

  7. Need a new mobo since one went out in my tent anything you would recommend I usually spend 130$ for a pc that runs 5 gpus but definitely wanting to get away from having one card running on a splitter .


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