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Bitmain KA3
So Bitmain simply reveled a sport altering miner that blows away all of the competitors and I’m very curious how they may reply to this.

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  1. we need develpers/ people who can make softwARE that doesnt suck. blockchain is amazing/the future but if we are still focused on money its not heppening. WHAT CAN WE DO with the blockchain . your an influencer balls on ur court

  2. Chia coin to the moon! Im all in! Lol. For real though, all my kids are getting PC upgrades. I will spec mine some, one maybe 2 rigs. Anyone know any good projects? Im willing to take a loss to give support to a good project.

  3. Hey Rabid, look into EtheriumFair. (ETF) Justin Sun backed it instead of ETHW at the last minute before the merge. It’s only on F2Pool to my knowledge, but I’m mining $0.93/day on my V1 Mini and yesterday was $2.53. Might be worth checking out.

  4. I literally just bought 4 Goldshell KD Max miners a week before their announcement. Still haven’t even received them yet, prices have already gone down on them, and now I feel like I just wasted $56k.

  5. Goldshell can't respond. They can't even respond to emails/requests with issues. I ordered 2 LB Boxes and 2 SC Boxes from Goldshell on the 5th. They ran out of stock and couldn't fill my order once the funds hit, so I cancelled my order on the 7th. Well, I haven't gotten my funds back yet…and little to no answer from Goldshell since. Planned on getting like 20 various boxes from them, but likely not now since it looks like I may be out $1k. And yes…it was on their legit site, not a copy/scam clone.


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