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Goldshell KD BOX PRO- Amazing Profits Small Package


KD Box Pro
In This Video I Go Over The KD Box Pro From Unboxing, Set Up, Pros, Cons, And Profitability Overall This Little Home Miner Is Very Profitable And Hardly Uses Any Power In The Process Defiantly Recommended To Home Miners.

CPU MINING Profit Calculator: https://rabidmining.com/cpu-mining-calculator/



  1. Hmm, i look at kda and i cant help buy wonder that maybe gpu mining does have some more head winds then i expected. The whole point of GPU mining to me is that you can switch algos and more importantly, be the most decentralized. With home level ASIC that doesnt need a 220v its easier to see competition technologically for GPU mining.

    Very cool, food for thought. KDA looks like its a solid project that is gonna stick around. If we get another dip heading into mid term elections, as is the statistical cycle ( google mid term election cycle ) i will jump in on these. I rent, like many people and i cant modify my place. But i CAN hook up 110v miners all baby.

    Thanks bro

  2. Awesome! A couple of these would look good next to my mini doge!
    I think these small asics are the way to go in the future. Efficient, low power, even wifi! Too bad i probably won't be able to get one anytime soon.

  3. Specific not specified .. just messing with ya good content .. It's really sad that the industry is charging based on daily profits (roi) not actual % over cost to manufacture. EX, Cost to make 5k charge 7k not 30-50k. This miner is great only if kept in stock and didn't have to get on discord everyday to see if/when in stock.

  4. Rabid Mining once again awesome review 👍 just one thing I have to say since I have been mining with ASIC since 2017 every one of my ASIC miners has all ROI many many times over .. so even if something happens to the coin and my ASIC has no value after that it does not matter because I had already gotten back my money many times over before than ever happens and with that said my oldest miner is the S9 12.5T my friend has, with free power it’s still making $80 a month today .. so I am never worried when buying ASIC the best thing todo is get them the moment they come out so you ROI quickly.. after that nothing matters .. 👍


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