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GPU Mining Post Merge NOW WHAT?


In todays stay stream lets simply speak about no matter you guys are interested by within the crypto house.

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  1. You know what's funny, my 5950x mining RTM is making more then my 3090 mining raven. I have free electric so I'm only concerned about how much I make before electric. 3090 is making me .45c a day RTM on 5950x is making me .52c a day.

  2. kasps IS STILL GOING UP ! do a video on kaspa or i will slap your legs. whats the matter with everybody? !- break the spell ! ok you cannot break the spell. so i will do it for your step one 1 install a kaspa wallet. 2. step 2 dual mine it. abra cadabra i wanna reach out and slap ya

  3. Dank Sharding lol….The screen shots and info BTC maxi's are pushing out of 2 entities controlling a large majority is misleading by the way. LIDO is setup similar to how you would describe a POW mining pool. There are dozens of node operators all over the world with that stake split up and LIDO has no control over them or that staked ETH, you can view Beacon chain deposits with LIDO breakdown on Etherscan and 90% are not in the U.S. which is good. They are gunna be just fine but they have work to do for sure.

  4. Etherium is going to drop to $600. They will be marked as a security and will have to play on the banking and hedge fund rules. People have no idea how bad it will get. Fortunes will be lost. I am guessing that several Ethereum projects will fork over to Etc for development and to support POW algos.

  5. I am sure it is going to be one month before the quitting really happens. Look for the market tank on eBay for used cards should be the end of October. When 3070s are about 150-200 then mining will be about flat for hash rate. It will be 3 months before any real profitability happens. If you can afford to just spec mine for the next boom. Not the major coins though as they will not provide enough coins to make it worth it. Looking at Christmas after the next gen cards before profitability starts going up.

  6. This is probably one of the most 100% correct informative videos that you have put out. I can't agree with you more on everything that you're saying. Get ready for an ethereum crash, it's now become one of the most centralized coins out of all of them. Only two addresses. AWS. POS. Black swan event is ahead

  7. Yeah to add insult to injury my power bill this month showed an increase to $0.13 over the $0.10 it used to be.
    Caveat to the solar thing for us in the U.S. is that we currently get a tax credit for installing solar. Might make it worth it for some people in the States. At least definitely adds to the calculations

  8. give it a few months all the small miners will drop, no one can afford to mine with this profits. Even the yields are bad. People like me dont pay electric and big farms on very cheap electric will be staying. My business has 60 amps for free i pay anything over that.

  9. the first hour before merge i went to Ergo solo with 10gh/s hit one block in 6 hours then wait there till the morning next day it was 6.87P then hit another block after that the hashrate gone to sky and gone to the pool it was showing me 10 ergo a day, i thought i wait there after 8 hours of mining i check my profits it only gave me 4 ergo 馃榾 i said fuck that i am going to Kaspa, and since then i am solo mining kaspa, nothing else is profitable. But will hit ergo again tomorrow, but pool mining is silly at the minute. i rather chance it with 10gh/s on ergo, 28gh/s on Kaspa, then if all fails going to stay in Ravencoin.


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