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GPU Mining VS. ASIC Mining


GPU Mining VS. ASIC Mining
In this video I have a look at asic mining vs gpu mining on paper dont have both of those to match legit hoping at some point I’ll. I strive to determine some numbers to see how these 2 really look aspect by aspect and the way they evaluate. Hope you guys take pleasure in.

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  1. i can access free electricity in my dorm room, don't want HUGE amounts of noise, what do you recommend? Asic or GPU rig for maximising profits due to free electricity?

  2. Information out there is wery confuseing. U can buy 95ths machines for 2000 eur 14ths machines for 200 eur.. u can buy usb miners for 50 eur at 15ghs.. now here ur talking about 8000 machine that gives only 750mhs? Wtf is this????
    Some calculators say u make cents some say ull get good cash..

  3. No, that asic is not efficent as using graphic cards. There was a debate on this when that miner was released. And someone mentioned on a forum that using 3 card rig of 3080's on two seperate rigs (for the 500mh/s one) would use less electricity at this wattage/mhs ratio and the gpu rigs (two of them) would be better selected since they would be able to mine something other than Eth once it goes POS in the future. Plus you are paying the VAT (Trump tax for those in the USA because these asics are coming from China- so somebody has to pay for this upfront!) so these things are going to cost more than their worth and probably be SOL before you can make the cost back in ROI.

  4. ASICs great when they first get released to the public – which means they been "test mining" for months and then released when the writing is on the wall. Tons of ASICs past their prime available for under $100, because they mine at a huge loss. It's a great time to buy those ASICs, but no to use them unless someone doesn't pay for electricity – such as in a college dorm. GPUs are much more flexible and sometimes, do rival some profitable ASICS – and of course can switch algos. As someone already mentioned, some algos went dead, and their ASICs are useless – plug them in and they get hot, but will never be able to mine anything .

  5. Isn't the BIG difference that a GPU rig can be reprogrammed to another
    currency Algo, but an ASIC rig is ONE currency and can not be changed
    (becomes garbage if the Algo or coin needs to be changed for profitability or file size growth) ?


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