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H110 PRO BTC+ Power Kit From Parallel Miner Install And Testing


H110 PRO BTC+ Power Kit
In this video I take a look at paralel miners H110 Pro btc+ energy package to showcase how one can set up it and use it.

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  1. Hi rapid mining just a question I’m about to turn on my first mining rig I have very similar mobo asrock q270 pro it has two pcie power connections on mobo have to be powered by two Molex. Getting confused people are telling me not to power it with the exact same cable as you the “Molex splitter and Molex to pcie cable “ they are saying that’s 12v to 5v, what’s your thoughts

  2. Gotcha bud….moved over from the temp channel. Awesome video! I'm just starting out with this board and this will be really helpful THANK YOU! New sub also!

  3. 3:46 I had a breakout board burnout within 2 days of using it by having the 24pin in the wrong direction.

    Should be psu -> to motherboard, then motherboard -> cpu.

    I dunno if that's 100% legit but I'm pretty 100% sure that was the issue as the other board is done properly and hasn't caused me an issue. It does should this way in the parrell miner setup guide, which I used after I ruined a 60 dollar board…

  4. Nice video! I’m looking forward getting one kit for myself. How is the noise on the psu? I’m only worried because my mining rig is sitting in my office, so I can’t really stand the noise.. lol

  5. I've been waiting for someone to do a video on the H110. I have the exact same issue you mentioned when connecting molex ports on motherboard to 6pin on zsx I get error to connect the molex from motherboard which is already connected. I am worried about connecting molex port from motherboard to ZSX molex as I have heard that will fry your board. Are you sure its safe? Also, I do have one 570 4GB GPU connected direct to the motherboard (not H110 board)for several months now. I guess I got lucky cause its been working.


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