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Here Are My Post Merge Plans | ERGO May Be Profitable NOW!!!


Mining After Ethereum Post Merge

In this video I’m going over my plans now that Ethereum is now not minable.

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  1. What’s the point of mining if your barely breaking even or barely making any profit at all? I get if you want to HODL and hope a coin breaks upward in the future but beyond that aren’t you just slowly killing your mining rig for no guarantee of anything?

  2. As it stands now ergo is like 37th on whattomine lmao
    After merge I believe ergo was on the top so I've set all my rigs to mine ergo for btc on 2miners.
    I might need to change to payout in the coin I mine and completely ignore what are the profits/losses and just hoard the coin.
    I would do RVN but I've already have enough of it.

  3. What s the point of mining when you lose money . You re just wasting energy 😴. Personally I ve shutdown my rigs and left some cpu running. My rigs were making about 20$ a day before the merge they make now 2$ a day and electrics bill is about 4$ a day for one gpus rig.

  4. I'm on a budget plan with my electric company so I'll keep mining but more efficient. Mining whatever will yield a nice bag of coin. I do agree on the gpu buying tips. I'm holding out for a few months at least.

  5. I get a kick out of it every time you mention "mining on keyboards." We already have hard drives (Chia), hotspots (Helium), cell phones… seriously, what's next. Mining on mice, monitors, printers, speakers, webcams, BIOS? 🤣


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